Lily C (France) Day 1

On the Sunday of 2014 we were off to France!
5:00 in the morning we all woke from our slumber, got to school and we were off.
Lots of tears were shown (from the parents mainly) and off we went.
It took a lot of driving (7 hours worth) and we saw a lot of graves from the 1st world war but the coach driver, Chris, was a great entertainer.
But besides all the bad things, there were great things like watching ‘Monsters Inc’ and ‘How to train your dragon’

See You Later 🙂

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Day 3 by Harry S

Today we went on a journey to places where World War 1 happened and we saw all the graves of the French soldiers and the British soldiers that died in July 1916.Itmade me feel happy to know that some soldiers were found.Also we put a wreath at the memorial and we saw the millions of names of soldiers that died and their bodies were never found. They also were put there because we do not know there names so they wrote the names on stone pillars, I felt sad as I looked around at all the names.

After we went to a group of trenches and we walked in one so we had an experience of walking in a trench. We realised the trenches are zigzagged so it is hard for the enemy to shoot bullets at soldiers and also that trenches were sometimes not very high. Then we went to Poppies where we are staying , so we could eat are lunch. We ate a sandwich, maltesers and drank water.Then we went to Senlis to see a cathedral and sketch it . Now we are on our way back to Poppies.

Written by Harry S

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France 2013 by Zoe and Ramnik

The France trip 2013

We got up awfully early this morning compared to the time we normally get up at home. We made our beds but it was tricky for the girls and boys on the top bunk because we had to stay on our beds whilst doing it. We finally got dressed and tiredly brushed our teeth . We traveled down to the breakfast room, as we were all really hungry. When the lovely and handsome Mr Rees picked a table at a time to get our breakfast, we gobbled it down very quickly and set off to the coach.We had a very long 2 hours drive to Paris ,it was very crazy!!!
We dragged our feet around the wonderful gallery, viewing and taking pictures of all these beautiful paintings. The very best of all the paintings was the Mona Lisa.
At last we got on the coach again and Chris drove us to the most popular sight of Paris,The Eiffel Tower. We ate our scrumptious lunch and had a walk around the tower.Eventually we got on the coach and had a long journey to have our dinner and then go back to the hotel.
By Zoe and Ramnik

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French trip – day 2 by Malachy and Ryan W

French trip day2

Today was a tiring day as we went to the Louvre in Paris. It was very busy because the most famous painting in the world was kept there ,the Mona Lisa. There were lots of other great paintings but we focused on the Mona Lisa.
Later on we went to the Eiffel Tower but did not go up it as it was all booked up although we ate our lunch beside it . We were invaded by the French army, they had powerful guns protecting one of the worlds most famous landmarks!
After that, we went on a boat trip in Paris. The sun was beating down on us and the toilets were smelly! We could see a lot in the boat and we waved to LOTS of people.

Malachy and Ryan W

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Day 2 – Waqar and Benito

Silently waking up on a Monday morning everybody was screamed at by the the furious teachers who were keen for us not to miss a single minute of the day. After everybody was dressed we all went downstairs for a delicious breakfast. Even though we were extremely tired, we ate as much as a dangerous giant. Whenever we finished we grabbed another big juicy handful of glorious food.

We went on a vast coach and left to see the wonders of Paris. It was a long , boring journey but the titanic Eiffel Tower was worth the long trip. Later that day we went on a swift, peaceful boat ride down a wonderful river called the Seine. It smelt like a glamorous, velvet rose in the middle of a summer field. Everybody scavenged around with their eyes to see the glistening sights.

Now we’re enduring the painful drive home.
See you then!

Waqar and Benito

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Jamie’s recount of day 1

French trip
Today after traveling for ages on the bus then the euro star we finally arrived in France then traveled for another hour to get albear . But for the last hour it wasn’t so boring because the TVs were finally used for a film. We arrived at the poppies centre,unpacked most of bags,and left the rooms as a dump.(well,we did). Then we left to go to an under ground museum about the war. It was near a church with a golden statue on top. After that we walked down to a pub and had our dinner. We all had the same meal because it would take to long to make 40 different meals. We walked back and arrived at the poppies centre. We got changed and everybody (most people) went to the play room and played for a bit.


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My day in France – Joseph

My day in france with Simon de senlis…                                                                                  I woke up this morning went in the bus and hugged Del on the way. Then we went to the underground museum before we had some dinner at the pub. The food was delicious! Then we back poppies  hq so we could play in the game centre and the coach called chris throwed his keys at poppies hq’s window because he got locked out. Thank you for reading about my day at France   p:s hope you like it mummy  Joseph


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Day 1 -Jennifer and Elena

I woke up this morning feeling a mixture of emotions. I dragged myself out of bed, tired but excited to go to France. As I arrived at school, I saw crowds of familiar faces saying goodbye to their parents. Even though it was very dark, we were all jumping with excitement waiting to go on the coach. As the coach slowly drove away, hands waving goodbye, we were looking forward to our new adventure.
A couple of hours later we were boarding the Eurostar. When we drove into the carriage, we waited for a little while until the train started to move. As we begun to go faster and deeper underground our ears started to pop like popping candy. We then drove off to a great country it is like England watching out the window. we stopped at a service station had our lovely lunch sitting on the green grass. Still travelling to get the Poppy centre eventually we arrived. We then checked out the bed rooms then adventured the town.We then went to the Wold war 1 museum it was amazing. Then went to a restaurant it was fab the food was delightful. We walked back chilled out knowing we were about to go to bed it was a great day !.

by Jennifer B Elena B.

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Day 1 by Louise

I woke up and I was really tired. It felt like I was glued to my bed. I did NOT want to wake up.As I lifted my head up it was like I was on a space ship.I got undressed and I walked slowly to the shower. As I got in I was really cold but then it warmed up. After the warm shower I went off down stairs to have a lovely bacon sandwich with tomato sauce. It was to die for. When we arrived at school we could see the coach I could here my heart thumping as I walked through the hall doors. As we were chatting with our friends Mr Rees called us to go to the toilet and we all rushed to the toilets. Then we all boarded the coach. As I was saying good by to my parents and as I boarded the coach the adventure began.


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Our early start – Lucy

France trip

Packed my bags this morning shaking as I woke up starring at the darkness of the night .I was upset that I was leaving my house for a week but I had to over come it .My family started to leave as I went into school and got on the coach. Tears built up in my eyes and I started to wave to my family . Even though the trip was along time we got there in the end .My heart was thumping as we drove into the euro tunnel. The vibration of the train roared through the walls of the coach .


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