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During our trip to France so far we have had enjoyable experiences. These have included boat trips and breakfast. Whilst we have been doing all these activities we’ve had a sing song and a crowd underneath the Eiffel tower.


On Sunday it was early doors for the year sixes as it was a race against to get to our destination. After we arrived in Albert we went to go and meet our tour guide, Alain. He took us around the local war museum where there was weaponry and much more. Then we strolled down to Corners pub and had steak and chips. After that we went into a deep sleep.


Monday morning … Up at seven to get ready for Paris, traffic jams and a busy museum awaits. When we got there we headed straight to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa ( it’s tiny compared to it’s casing). Afterwards we headed straight to the coach to eat lunch and go to the river Sane. Next stop Eiffel tower! We sung there with Mr Rees’s guitar and that caused a crowed and millions of selfie’s with us. We went to a viewing point and watched the police chase away fakers. We had dinner at Flunch then went back to poppies.


Today we went to a German memorial and paid our respects. Then we went to crater which used to be a German Trench. After wards we to the memorial of the missing and looked at graves of the French and the British. We gave a minutes silence to the ones who haven’t been found. Before lunch we looked around trenches from the first world war. Back to Poppies for lunch then off to Senlis. We walked around Senlis before sketching the insides of the Notre Dame cathedral. Off to Corners pub again for dinner then off to bed.


We are all excited for Disneyland Paris and hoping to see some of our favourite characters.

Here are a few thanks :

Chris (our wonderful coach driver).

Alain (our tour guide).

SDS Staff( for keeping us all safe).

And the people at the poppies centre ( for our accommodation).


Love Naomi and Amelie xxxx


P.S: “How do we feel?”















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Day 3 – Kieran

As you all know that we are in France. We all are having a blast of a time and having a wonderful experience learning about all the history and facts about the country. Further-more, in my opinion my favourite part of the trip so far is when we were all under the Eiffel Tower. First of all the view of the amazing landmark was breath-taking. It towered over the city of Paris and the colossal building was seen from a mile away. Second of all, we all crowded around and sang a few songs which was brilliant. As a result, it attracted a lot of people and a huge crowd formed filming us as we sang. It was a amazing experience and we all took a turn in the middle of the crowd to dance and show off our skills. A few people had some solos and were really good.

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Update from today’s adventure, Paris

Today we visited Paris for the day. We visited the Louvre; sailed the river Sienne; danced and sang under the Eiffel Tower; took pictures and had a lovely meal at Flunch.


Kieran: has been discovered as the arcade champion. Extremely good at table football! Very close game with Mr Prosser. He said that to visit the trenches in wet weather would be a good experience as we could see what it was really like. “I liked the whole of the day… When we were under the Eiffel Tower especially.”

Emily-Jane: When were in the front of the coach singing, “an old Austrian was yodelling…” avalanche, bear, hurricane, flying pig, “are we nearly there yet?”, storm trooper, Mona Lisa, Disney!

James: when we were singing looking at the Eiffel Tower from the look-out.

Tyrone: Everything, everyone had a bit of fun with the dancing.

Thomas: “I imagined Paris being a lot prettier. To me it looks like a bunch of buildings clumped up and then there’s a few other buildings like the Louvre and the Tower.” Miss Coade agreed; she always forgets that there’s a different side to Paris… We saw that today. Great observation, Thomas.

Alex: “I liked the boat trip.”

Millie: “Singing under the Eiffel Tower.”

Kayla: “I enjoyed seeing the police chase some men…”

Ryan: “Under the Eiffel Tower Isaiah found money under his foot…”

Thomas: “I liked the Mona Lisa; it looked a lot smaller than I thought.”

Myles: “I found it funny when Jaylin saw the first statue in the Louvre…”

We have had a fabulous day today! All of the teachers were extremely impressed by all of the children. Not only the behaviour, but the effort and enthusiasm with everything was extremely good! Definitely making those at home proud I am sure.

But most importantly, we bought (between the whole year group today) a total of… 179 miniature Eiffel Towers! With Oliver and Royem adding most the contribution – 15 each!





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Day 1: The journey from Northampton to Albert

We’ve had a great first day in France; the journey was like clockwork on the way down and, for many children, it was their first time on the Eurotunnel and an exciting experience! Sing songs; dance offs; photos – all under the English Channel.

After arriving at the Poppies Centre and unloading, we headed down to the Mussee Somme 1916 and were guided round by Alain, our tour leader.  We learned lots about trench warfare in the first World War and go to handle rifles, ammunition and grenades whilst learning more about these types of weapons.

The bed making competition is always an interesting one but, after careful intervention by the staff, we’re pleased that everyone has a bed that’s fit for a good night’s sleep!

Dinner at the Corners Pub was lovely and filled everyone up on Steak and Chips before an evening stroll home and some time in our rooms to relax.

We finished the day with a debrief – everyone sharing their highlights from the day and the things they are looking forward to in Paris tomorrow.  Here are some of the comments from the children today

Tom – ” I enjoyed the journey because it felt like we were only on the coach for five minutes. We left in the dark and before we knew it we had arrived in France”

Naomi – ” Today I learnt about the French weaponry during WW1. They were poorly designed because it took a long time to change the bullets. Also singing ‘Swing low’ on the Eurotunnel to celebrate the Rugby world cup”

Joy – “When we were walking past the Cathedral in Albert I enjoyed looking at all of the different French shops and their names”

Sarinah – “We enjoyed seeing our rooms for the first time. Making the beds was interesting!”

Lauren – ” The views of the French landscape was really pretty”

Mr Prosser (on his work as Deputy Room Inspector)  – “The rooms are a much better standard than last year. Those who are in my class know I like thing to be neat. Shoes need to be neatly next to each other in rows. One room had hairbrushes with hairbrushes, toothbrushes with toothbrushes and the shower gel lined up perfectly… Beautiful.”

Kamilla – “Disney!”

Mr Rees – “I remember some serious moves going on in the Eurotunnel”




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#FranceTrip15 – Almost ready to go!!

Well here we go again – the 6th annual trip to France by Year 6, Simon de Senlis.

We hope that everyone is all packed and asleep, excited about our trip that leaves tomorrow.

Follow our adventures on this blog and through our Facebook and Twitter Pages as we journey through Northern France, learn about the reality of WWI life in the Somme, soak up the culture in Paris, visit the home of Simon in medieval Senlis and enjoy our last day at Disneyland!


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Disneyland and So Far

Today we are travelling to Disneyland Paris; everyone on the coach is very hyper and stimulated. It has been a tiring start but it is all worth the early wakes in the morning because we have been doing tremendous activities in France! Chris the driver was helpful by driving bus to our destinations.
We have all missed our parents very dearly nevertheless we are all having fun in France, and hopefully we will have a great time at Disneyland.

“I know I don’t think about any bad things about France because it is a beautiful place and certain people call Paris the city of light or love.” – Kasey Wright

“Disneyland is a place full of magic and miracles, hopefully the magic of Disney will protect me from the danger of The Tower of Terror! Maybe I will have a chance of taking a photo with Mickey Mouse and his friends.” – Alicia Lam

“I can’t wait for Space Mountain and Tower of Terror” – Rohan and Dan

“I’m looking forward to the food, the rides and meeting Donald Duck” – George B, George K and William P

“I can’t wait for that Buzz Lightyear thing” – Ayisha

“My voice is horrible I can’t wait for a drink” – Jack

We have done amazing things such as:
– On Sunday we went to Hotel Poppies then we went to Musee Somme.
– On Monday we went to the Louvre and had a boat ride on the Sainne of Paris and we also went to the Eiffel Tower and underneath it.
– On Tuesday we went to the battlefields of World War 1 and then we went to Senlis to draw the cathedral and search the insides of the cathedral.

Authors: Kasey and Alicia

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Y6 France Trip 2014 – Hannah

We are having a great time here in France. We have been to a WW1 museum and Paris.


We had a long tiring journey on the Eurotunnel at controls. As we were ahead of time we went to the park. When we got to France, we unpacked at the Poppies Centre. We explored around floor 1 until it was time to go to the World War 1 museum and met Alain. He said on Tuesday he was going to take us around the trenches of Albert.


We went to Paris!
In Paris we saw the Eiffel Tower. When we were in Paris we went to the Louvre and we saw the Mona Lisa. Then we had lunch in front of the river Seine. After that we went on a boat ride over it. Next we drove around in the coach to go to have a proper view of the Eiffel Tower. It was easy to see all of it from lying down on the grass.

Today we went on a tour around the trenches with Alain again. We saw German, British and French trenches and memorials. After lunch we went to Senlis. Sadly we were not able to see our pen-pals although we went to sketch part of the Cathedral. One hour later we went to wait for the coach to take us home. When we got to the Poppies Centre we ran up to bed to get ready. We all met in the games room to write our blogs.

We are very excited for Disneyland on Wednesday.

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France Trip so far by Leanne and Areebah

Yesterday we went to Paris and saw the Eiffel Tower. It was massive! Mr Prosser, Evie, Maisy, Liam, Alina, Courtney and Mr Rees did cartwheels under the Eiffel Tower! Mr Rees is so funny!
Today we went to Senlis and we did lots of sketching outside the cathedral.
At the Poppies Centre, we have got a pool table in the games room and we sleep in bunk beds!
We sang Happy Birthday to Lily on Sunday and we sang Happy Birthday to Hollie tonight. We are having lots of fun and tomorrow we’re going to Disneyland and we’re very excited!

I can’t wait to see Mr Prosser in his Minnie Mouse t-shirt tomorrow.

Leanne and Areebah, signing out for now…

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Senlis Cathedral by Hollie

Tuesday 23rd September 2014

Today we had so much fun sketching the cathedral in Senlis, France. We each took a piece of the church and sketched it using small recurring lines. After that we looked at the detail within the section. We had to look closely at the patterns to see what kind of shapes they have what lines they have, straight, curvy, diagonal and the features like what shapes they are. We also took a walk round Senlis we saw the oldest lane/road and the school where our pen pals go. Unfortunately we could not go inside the school yet it was fun.

This is the cathedral:


All of us got to go inside the cathedral an we looked around most of us saw that it had more than one floor but the 1st floor was a balcony looking down on the ground floor which had a lot of chairs so that the people could sit down during the ceremony. We saw the holy water in a pot on the wall. Also we saw that there was a woman playing the piano. We had to walk around the Senlis Cathedral in pairs and made sure that we where quiet because we didn’t want to disturb anyone who was paying their respects to God or to lost family members we could not see whether there was a grave yard at the back of the church.

These are a few images of some children doing there artwork. We had a brilliant time, all of us did great artwork. We each worked individually but occasionally asking are friends a question about our work. Each of us picked a different aspect of the French history.


Overall I had a great time.

Hollie Morton

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Year6 France-Sarah

We are having a great time in France! We have already been to a WW1 museum and Paris.

Sunday 21st September:

We had a very long journey to France and even went through the Euro Tunnel! As we were ahead of time, we were able to play on the tiny play equipment by the tunnel ticket point. After the travel we unpacked at the Poppy Centre,and then got back in the coach. We were on the way to a WW1 museum! We got shown around by our tour guide, Alian, and saw all the fascinating history.

Monday 22st September:

Yesterday we had a lovely day in Paris. We saw the Eiffel Tower and a man getting money by posing like a statue. We ate lunch by the statue and then went on a boat ride (up the River Seine). After the boat ride we went on a walk around the park by the tower. Then we walked under the Eiffel tower! In the evening we ate in a restaurant close to the tower and watched Finding Nemo on the coach.

We are having a lovely time and are really looking forward to Disneyland.

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