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Day 1 -Jennifer and Elena

I woke up this morning feeling a mixture of emotions. I dragged myself out of bed, tired but excited to go to France. As I arrived at school, I saw crowds of familiar faces saying goodbye to their parents. Even though it was very dark, we were all jumping with excitement waiting to go on … Continue reading »

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Day 1 by Louise

I woke up and I was really tired. It felt like I was glued to my bed. I did NOT want to wake up.As I lifted my head up it was like I was on a space ship.I got undressed and I walked slowly to the shower. As I got in I was really cold … Continue reading »

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Our early start – Lucy

France trip Packed my bags this morning shaking as I woke up starring at the darkness of the night .I was upset that I was leaving my house for a week but I had to over come it .My family started to leave as I went into school and got on the coach. Tears built … Continue reading »

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Coach Driver’s Blog – by Trevor!

This is a guest post from our fantastic coach driver, Trevor and gives a different perspective on the 2012 trip to France! DAY 1 Early start today, got up 03h30 looking forward to French trip with a school we haven’t taken before. Did walk-round safety check of the SOULS Mercedes-Benz coach to make sure that … Continue reading »

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Last day by George and Daniel

7.00 We got up early and stripped the bed covers then packed our bags. Once we had done that we went down to breakfast. I had some tea and some toast and George had some bread with some orange juice. Then we got onto the coach with our bags and off we went. 12.15 I … Continue reading »

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Jess A and Taran’s last day blog

Today we woke up at 7 and everyone was rushing around getting the last things packed in their suitcase. It now 10:00 and we are on our way to the chocolate factory. Most people are really happy to get back home and see their family. People are still talking about how fun yesterday was at … Continue reading »

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Meltem’s blog

Meltems blog Today we are going to the chocolate factory. We are having a great time here but today we are going back home now although we have hade a great time and every one Is happy. The best thing I enjoyed was going to buy some gifts for my family and I loved going … Continue reading »

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Last day by Zoe Morling

Friday 28th September Zoe Morling I woke up today at 7 and got up at 7:10. There was excitement down the corridor because we were going to the chocolate factory and home!!!!!!! After a very busy tiring week in France. We are finally going home WHOA! We were all packing everything that we took there. … Continue reading »

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The last day in France Yasmin and Reece

Our last day in France Today we are going back to England and I am not happy at all!! We are going to go to the chocolate factory on our way back from France. The weather is lovely and hopefully it won’t rain. It hasn’t been long since we left Albert and it is going … Continue reading »

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Daisy-Mae blogs about Disney

We are going to Disneyland Paris and I am so excited I think I am going to explode! The Journey to Disneyland… It was such a long journey to Paris but it’s worth it! I was going to go on all the scary rides it was so exciting I wish all my friends where there … Continue reading »

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