Disneyland Highlights

Posted by on September 23, 2015

Today we had a great day at Disneyland! Lots of fun was had by all. Below are the highlights and why from every child… Quoted directly from their mouths!

Sarinah: I loved thunder mountain because I conquered my fear.
Emily-Jane: I loved all of the rides; I particularly liked the effect that they have on everyone , all of the smiles and laughs.
Isabelle: Hollywood Tower of Terrors because it went up 13 floors and just dropped!
Tyrone: Thunder Mountain because it was a great pace and there were lots of drops.
Sarah: I liked the tower of terror because I liked the big drop and I liked the view of Disneyland.
Aleigha: I liked space mountain because in the middle we did a loop the loop!
Thomas M: tower of terror because we went to the top and dropped.
Alex C: I liked the Peter Pan ride because we were going around and it was a bit like a flip book!
Priya: I loved the scary roller-coasters because I was laughing at everyone. Arron and I were sat there laughing at them as if nothing was happening!
Naomi: the train one… (Thunder mountain) because Mr Prosser didn’t tell me that it was fast so it was a surprise!
Leah: space mountain because I’ve never been on a ride that fast!
Millie: pirates of the Caribbean because it was wet and nice. It was like being on a real boat! The drops were cool. I liked the waterfalls outside of the castles… I wanted to jump in!
Kamila: Tower of Terror because I liked seeing my reflection.
Kayla: Tower of Terror because it was unexpected. The way we went up… And just went down.
Ellie: I enjoyed going on the faster rides because it was fun. I’m not used to fast rides so it was great!
Royem: I used to be scared of roller-coasters. As I have been on them today, I have conquered my fears!
Sophie: i liked the RC car ride as it went higher and higher each time.
Amber: tower of terrors because it went really high and it felt like you weren’t high then all of a sudden you zoomed down!
Teigan: it was fun! Yes it was.
Myles: Thunder Mountain because it was fun and extremely fast!
Esther: Tower of Terror because it was scary!
Amelie: Tower of Terror and Space Mountain because they were fast!
Daisy: Tower of Terror because it was really funny hearing and seeing everyone’s reactions when we dropped. Also, Jake scared us at the end of the ride!
Phebe: Tower of Terror because when you got to the top you could see the whole of Disneyland!
Gabriel: Space Mountain because I liked banging my head. I also liked the loop the loop.
Jack: Tower of Terror because i loved hearing Kieran scream! And, Space Mountain Miss Coade screamed in the middle of it and her face went bright red after!
Jake: Space Mountain because of the corkscrews. They were epic!
Isaiah: Tower of the Terror because it was weird going on it for the first time!
Joy: Finding out Mr Prosser’s catch phrase: “I’d rather you didn’t!” And when were Space Mountain even though it hurt my ears.
Katie: Tower of Terror because when you went down it made you all funny and it made you literally go off the seat.
James: my highlight was the Buzz Lightyear ride because it was extremely fun and I got a replica of the gun.
Harvey: I liked Thunder Mountain because it was really fast and I didn’t stop cheering!
Muhammed: I liked going to the scariest rides. Tower of Terrors was the scariest because it went up and down and dropped. And we couldn’t see where we were going and I scared people.
Kieran: Tower of Terrors because it was very atmospheric and the drop was breathtaking!
Glory: Tower of Terrors because when you went up you go down like so fast that you’re about to go to the ceiling.
Jaylin: Tower of Terrors because it gave me loads of butterflies and I also liked RC Racer because when it went all the way back and forward it was awesome!
Arron: I loved all of it.
Ryan: RC racer because it felt like we were off of the track!
Oliver: Star Wars Star Tour flight through space because I gave everyone loads of facts and I just love Star Wars!!
Mya: RC racer because it went really high and fast. From the top we could see basically the hotel and everything in the park!
Maisie: the Peter Pan because it was nice, calm and slow. It was also quite realistic!
Lauren: Going on Space Mountain because it helped me overcome my fears!
Thomas H: I liked the gift shops the most because there was too much choice! I bought Thor’s hammer and it’s the coolest thing in Disneyland…

As you can see, Tower of Terrors was obviously a hit!

Now on the way back to Albert for some spaghetti bolognese and snails!

5 Responses to Disneyland Highlights

  1. Myles' Family

    Pleased to hear you’ve all had a fantastic time at Eurodisney – Myles pleased to hear you went on Thunder Mountain. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Enjoy the snails, and your last fews hours in La France.

  2. Mrs Chisholm

    Hi you fearless lot! You have obviously had a spectacular time at Disney and the photos I’ve seen on twitter are great – has Mr Rees let go of Minnie yet? I’m sure I heard Miss Coade screaming! Joy, Mr Prosser has many catchphrases ‘I don’t believe it’ is one of them. Des escargots – Miam or beurk?

  3. Jake's family

    Loving reading about your fantastic day at Disneyland Year 6. The rides are brilliant arnt they. Jake….Connor says…’Are you going to try the snails’? We all miss you, see you tomorrow X

  4. Helen Hood

    Wow how brave you all were. Sounds like you all had a fantastic day. Enjoy the snails x x

  5. Mr & Mrs Meadows

    If Carlsberg made school trips , this would be how they’d do it. A big thank you to the teachers and staff for making sure the children were safe and the constant updates have been keeping our minds at rest. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow Isaiah , Love the 3 of us.

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