Ryan and Alex

Posted by on September 22, 2015

Ryan and Alex’s France trip

Sunday: After a very long journey we eventually got to the Poppy Centre in Albert at about 1 or 2 o’clock, and when we got in to the centre we went into the dinning room to eat some lunch. Mr Rees was building up the intensity on everyone as he wasn’t telling us who was in our rooms. All of a sudden they blasted out
“Ok here are your room numbers and also your roommates.”
Fortunately we were both in the same room also with Tyrone, Arron and Teigan. After we had lunch we could go into our rooms and have a look around as soon as we walked into our room we argued who’s bed is who’s, then we were told to go into the dinning room to get our bed sheets. We had about 5 minutes to get our beds made and unpack our clothes. Then we had to go to the games room and line up because we were going to a museum about WW1 they had trenches for us to walk around in and lean loads of facts about thanks to our guide called Alain. When we’d finished in the museum we went back to the centre, they then said that we have about 20 minutes to finish our rooms of. When we’d finished our rooms they called us into the games room to sum up the day After that we went to bed.

Monday: On Monday Tyrone woke Alex and Teigan up because he had flushed the toilet and started coughing at about 6o’clock in the morning Tyrone then had a shower after he did Teigan had a shower after him Alex had a shower when we’d had a shower we were just drying and chatting while we were waiting for Arron and Ryan to wake up so that they could have there shower. When Ryan and Arron had finally woke up they had a debate about who would use the shower first Ryan somehow won the debate and went in first.
When we were all ready we set off to go to Paris to see the Eifel tower some men were selling really small Eifel towers for 1EURO for 5 towers. All together we had brought around 179 towers. Yesterday was also fun because we went to the Mona Lisa . It was placed on a massive wall when it was actually very small. Then we went to Flunch and we had ice cream. When we got back we went to bed.

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  1. Mrs Chisholm

    The Eiffel Tower souvenirs, €1 for 5 towers – bargain! Boys, I hope you’ve sorted out the shower rota. Disneyland tomorrow then home to your very own showers. 🙂

  2. Mark Crilley

    What a fun time you are having ! Disney today so im sure you will enjoy that,
    did any of you try the Snails ? I know Alex wanted to as he has tried Frogs legs
    and Squid, he likes them both.
    Have fun at Disney.

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