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Posted by on September 22, 2015



During our trip to France so far we have had enjoyable experiences. These have included boat trips and breakfast. Whilst we have been doing all these activities we’ve had a sing song and a crowd underneath the Eiffel tower.


On Sunday it was early doors for the year sixes as it was a race against to get to our destination. After we arrived in Albert we went to go and meet our tour guide, Alain. He took us around the local war museum where there was weaponry and much more. Then we strolled down to Corners pub and had steak and chips. After that we went into a deep sleep.


Monday morning … Up at seven to get ready for Paris, traffic jams and a busy museum awaits. When we got there we headed straight to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa ( it’s tiny compared to it’s casing). Afterwards we headed straight to the coach to eat lunch and go to the river Sane. Next stop Eiffel tower! We sung there with Mr Rees’s guitar and that caused a crowed and millions of selfie’s with us. We went to a viewing point and watched the police chase away fakers. We had dinner at Flunch then went back to poppies.


Today we went to a German memorial and paid our respects. Then we went to crater which used to be a German Trench. After wards we to the memorial of the missing and looked at graves of the French and the British. We gave a minutes silence to the ones who haven’t been found. Before lunch we looked around trenches from the first world war. Back to Poppies for lunch then off to Senlis. We walked around Senlis before sketching the insides of the Notre Dame cathedral. Off to Corners pub again for dinner then off to bed.


We are all excited for Disneyland Paris and hoping to see some of our favourite characters.

Here are a few thanks :

Chris (our wonderful coach driver).

Alain (our tour guide).

SDS Staff( for keeping us all safe).

And the people at the poppies centre ( for our accommodation).


Love Naomi and Amelie xxxx


P.S: “How do we feel?”















3 Responses to Naomi and Amelie

  1. samuel

    Hi Jack! What are you going to do today? I am going to Tesco to get some stuff fore the pizzas that we are going to make. #starving!!!

  2. Josie

    WOW! you must be having the time of your lives, any way on Tuesday we went to Gallone’s ice-cream parlour and didn’t go to Salcey forest because the weather was bad and I mean really bad. Any way I’m guessing you got embarrassed when people look at you when you where singing. Have a great day! Bye!

  3. Maya Warren

    So nice to read about your adventures in France. Sounds like you are having a ball! 🙂 Nice to see you all smiling on the photos! Enjoy the rest of your trip! see you soon Maya and Mark Warren

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