Joy and Katie

Posted by on September 22, 2015

Joy and Katie France

So far we have had many great experiences in France such as …

Sunday / day one : The journey to France was extremely painful, we were waiting, waiting ,waiting and waiting… 8 hours later we were finally there. Everyone was relieved when we reached our destination, moreover getting out of the heat. Anticipation was in the air when we found room mates (as Joy says room homies). After we looked around, we went to the French museum. We had a tour guide called Allain, we learnt all about the weaponry and the hideouts of soldiers in World War One. When we had finished the tour we went for dinner at the corners pub, we had beef/ steak and chips. For pudding we had a choice of chocolate or vanilla moose, this tasted like custard.

Monday/ day two: In the morning we had bread, bread and more bread, later on we travelled on a bout around in a circle and watched the waves go crashing next to the boat. We came off of the boat and went into a lovely gift shop that had great presents. We then went to the Eifel Tower, we stood directly underneath in the centre and sang songs, including; Swing low, shake it of and price tag. We crowded in a circle and had a hole in the middle for dancing, it was very interesting when people started to join our huddle and record. We walked and saw people selling five mini Eifel Towers for only one euro. We then went to Flunch and had chicken nuggets and ice cream

We hope that your having an amazing time there, see you soon Joy and Katie.



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  1. Lucy

    Hi BFF’s! Sounds as if the journey was horrible and the way that it was painful you say must have been terrible. I can’t imagine being in that heat anyway what do we have to say because we’ve been in the rain and the cold all week. Find yourselves lucky, today it’s a bit better over here than yesterday. Well a lot actually because yesterday we were supposed to go to Salcey Forest but we ended up Gallone’s Ice-cream Parlour. # WHOOP WHOOP!!! Well have a great day at Disney guys,

    Lucy 😀

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