James and Tyrone’s thoughts of France so far

Posted by on September 22, 2015

James and Tyrone’s blog post of France

While we have been in France we have been on a boat ride and we have stood under the Eiffel tower. On Tuesday we went to Senlis and we talked about the houses and roads we also went to the cathedral. We are staying in Albert in the poppies centre . We went on many short trips to a German graveyard a crater from world war one and we went to a British and French memorial centre as well as we went to a real world war one trench. When we went on the Euro tunnel Tyrone and I busted some amazing dance moves. We are going to DISNEY!!!!!!. One of the really funny moments was when we were walking back from a restaurant and Mr Rees asked Kamila what was your favourite part of just then and she said DISNEY. On Monday we went to louvre witch is the worlds most famous art gallery and we saw the real Monna Lisa. Then we had dinner at flunch it was so GREAT! We also had ice-cream . We went to a world war one museum and saw loads of guns and grenades also we learnt a lot.

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  1. Mrs Chisholm

    What a fantastic time you are having! Looking forward to hearing about your time at Disney.

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