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Posted by on September 22, 2015

Fabulous France
Starting our journey with laughter and fun, we travel cautiously drove 28 miles to The Poppies Centre in Albert. After gathering in the dining room we found the wonders that were to be our rooms and the people that we were to share it with. Once our suitcases were away we gathered back in our coach, driven by the friendly driver Chris, to travel back along the streets of Albert for a tour of the World War museum.
Once we arrived at the museum we met our guide Alan who was to inform us around the museum and answer any questions we may have. We got into partners and travelled down 65 steps to a tunnel which was exactly 10m deep. Throughout the tour we learnt about different types of guns, shells and the people who fought in World War 1. We then headed back to the Poppies and settled down with a book before drifting off to sleep and dreaming of Paris the next day.
We woke early ready for a day at The Louv’e, The Eiffel Tower and a cruise on the River Sane. After a yummy breakfast we clambered on to the coach and began to drive towards Paris. Once we were there we marvelled over every piece of artwork before witnessing the crown jewel herself, The Mona Lisa. Photographers were crowding this marvel pushing and shoving just to get a glimpse of the beauty. After this we sat on the coach and ate our lunch and then drove to the River for our cruise. Whilst on the boat we saw many famous France landmarks including The Cathedral of Notre’ Dame, The Eiffel Tower and many old and new buildings. We then spent ‘10’ minutes in the gift shop before walking over to the Eiffel Tower. There we took many photos and sang along with Mr Rees’s guitar which attracted a large amount of people indeed. Afterward we came across a street seller who was selling 5 mini Eiffel Towers for 1 Euro. We bought a total of 179 of them! We then drove to Flunch an American Diner style restaurant where we were served chicken nuggets and chips (so French!) and had a delicious ice-cream for dessert. Then we headed home ready for bed.
This morning we woke up ready for a day in the sunshine (it didn’t happen though!) and got on the coach to pick up Alan and go for a tour of the battle-fields, graveyards and craters. We spent the day walking around different land marks including: The German Graveyard, The Lochnagar Crater (35m deep and 95m wide!) , The deepest, highest trench we had ever seen and finally we travelled to the Arch that celebrated the forgotten and the lost with graveyards dedicated to hundreds of men. We are now on our way to Corners Pub for dinner then are heading home for a game of pool in the games room.
Tomorrow morning we will all be up early ready for Disneyland Paris (Disney!) and we will update you guys later.
Hope you had a good day at Salcey Forest guys!
Emily-Jane and Issabelle

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  1. nikki hanwell

    Hi emmy and issy. Loved reading about your trip so far. It sounds super exciting. Can’t wait to hear about it in full detail and Thursday. Have a magical day tomorrow with all your friends. Xx

  2. Maesun

    We couldn’t go to salcy forest because it was cold and it was raining! we went to a ice cream parlour in stead. I had bubble gum ice cream with cherry sauce on it with rainbow drops! TAISTY!!! We are all glad you are having fun. Keep in touch…

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