Arron and Thomas

Posted by on September 22, 2015

Thomas and I (Arron) were excited for the very fun France trip this week. When we got to the poppies centre in Albert, we got in our room groups and ate our lunch. We had to make our beds which was quite hard. Later on that day we went to a French restaurant called corners pub we had stake and chips and for desert chocolate mousse.
On Monday we had a room inspection my room got 7 and a half and Thomas’s room got 7. Then we got changed and went into the cafatirear and had breakfast the drinks where water, choco milk, orange juice, hot chocolate, milk, coffee and a adult drink tea. We went to Paris and went to the Louvre museum and saw lots of pictures (Mona Lisa). Later on we sang directly under the Ifel tower and got lots of people filming us. At the end of the day we had a total of 179 mini Eiffel towers!

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  1. Mrs Chisholm

    Good score for your room boys. You are so lucky to have seen the Mona Lisa – jealous!

  2. Michael

    The stake and chips sound lovely I wish I was there also the room executor, I couldn’t believe it. Things that I don’t get is that what are those 179 mini Eiffel towers.

  3. Michael

    The steak and the chips sounds lovely I wish I was there. And why was there a room executor , its just that its never happened before. The only thing that I don’t get is what are them mini Eiffel towers?

  4. ben

    Hi Thomas and Arron. sounds like you are having a fun time, so am I. You are so lucky and I am so jealous. How was your stake and chips. We was supposed to go to Salcey Forest but we went somewhere ells, we went to the… Gallone’s ice-cream parlour! I had salted caramel with orange sauce toffee chunks, it was divine.

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