Day 1: The journey from Northampton to Albert

Posted by on September 20, 2015

We’ve had a great first day in France; the journey was like clockwork on the way down and, for many children, it was their first time on the Eurotunnel and an exciting experience! Sing songs; dance offs; photos – all under the English Channel.

After arriving at the Poppies Centre and unloading, we headed down to the Mussee Somme 1916 and were guided round by Alain, our tour leader.  We learned lots about trench warfare in the first World War and go to handle rifles, ammunition and grenades whilst learning more about these types of weapons.

The bed making competition is always an interesting one but, after careful intervention by the staff, we’re pleased that everyone has a bed that’s fit for a good night’s sleep!

Dinner at the Corners Pub was lovely and filled everyone up on Steak and Chips before an evening stroll home and some time in our rooms to relax.

We finished the day with a debrief – everyone sharing their highlights from the day and the things they are looking forward to in Paris tomorrow.  Here are some of the comments from the children today

Tom – ” I enjoyed the journey because it felt like we were only on the coach for five minutes. We left in the dark and before we knew it we had arrived in France”

Naomi – ” Today I learnt about the French weaponry during WW1. They were poorly designed because it took a long time to change the bullets. Also singing ‘Swing low’ on the Eurotunnel to celebrate the Rugby world cup”

Joy – “When we were walking past the Cathedral in Albert I enjoyed looking at all of the different French shops and their names”

Sarinah – “We enjoyed seeing our rooms for the first time. Making the beds was interesting!”

Lauren – ” The views of the French landscape was really pretty”

Mr Prosser (on his work as Deputy Room Inspector)  – “The rooms are a much better standard than last year. Those who are in my class know I like thing to be neat. Shoes need to be neatly next to each other in rows. One room had hairbrushes with hairbrushes, toothbrushes with toothbrushes and the shower gel lined up perfectly… Beautiful.”

Kamilla – “Disney!”

Mr Rees – “I remember some serious moves going on in the Eurotunnel”




14 Responses to Day 1: The journey from Northampton to Albert

  1. Mark Crilley

    ‘Steak and chips’ wowzers I am extremely envious!! Although I know that Alex enjoys a good steak.

  2. Naveen Thasnim

    WOW! It sounds like a blast. We wish we went with you. Sarinah did you mean that the beds were hard to do?

  3. Olcay

    Hope all of you are having fun. in a minute we are going to go wall climbing and I’ve heard that you children are having a good time.

  4. Naveen and Thasnim

    When you come back it looks like you will be exhausted and experts on French history ( world war1 and Senlis).

  5. Indy

    Did you learn about shotguns and revolvers because I love shotguns and revolvers

  6. Lucy and Ben

    Hi guys sounds like you had lots of fun on the Eurotunnel. Over here we are about to go climbing and have lots of fun at the Pinnacle Centre. Hope you guys love Disneyland, sounds like Kamilla is very excited already! Have a great time and make sure you have as much fun as you can,

    Ben and Lucy

  7. maesun and sophie

    Hi you guys must be having such fun over in France. We’re having fun too! We are going climbing today and lots more… We heard you have seen lots already and are really enjoying it. Have fun, we miss you all already!…

  8. Josie and Daniela

    Daniela and I think we should of been there now because all this sounds really cool. So have a great time in France

  9. Michael

    Looking at the weapons must of been epic, just holding it would be amazing. I wish I went to France now just from hearing all the exiting things I’ve here’d. We are going to the pinnacle centre today and it is going to be awesome.

    From Michael

  10. samuel

    We are going to go climbing today I hope you have fun! are you going to Disney?

  11. Mrs Carter

    Sounds like you have all had a fun and interesting day. Hope your weathers better than ours. We’re not looking forward to a wet and muddy day in Salcey Forest.

  12. Myles' Family

    Lovely to read about your first day and to see the photos of you all having a wonderful time in Paris! Keep smiling and enjoy the rest of this amazing trip!

  13. Jake's family

    Love reading all the updates and seeing all the photos, sounds like you are all having a wonderful time year 6.

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