Disneyland and So Far

Posted by on September 24, 2014

Today we are travelling to Disneyland Paris; everyone on the coach is very hyper and stimulated. It has been a tiring start but it is all worth the early wakes in the morning because we have been doing tremendous activities in France! Chris the driver was helpful by driving bus to our destinations.
We have all missed our parents very dearly nevertheless we are all having fun in France, and hopefully we will have a great time at Disneyland.

“I know I don’t think about any bad things about France because it is a beautiful place and certain people call Paris the city of light or love.” – Kasey Wright

“Disneyland is a place full of magic and miracles, hopefully the magic of Disney will protect me from the danger of The Tower of Terror! Maybe I will have a chance of taking a photo with Mickey Mouse and his friends.” – Alicia Lam

“I can’t wait for Space Mountain and Tower of Terror” – Rohan and Dan

“I’m looking forward to the food, the rides and meeting Donald Duck” – George B, George K and William P

“I can’t wait for that Buzz Lightyear thing” – Ayisha

“My voice is horrible I can’t wait for a drink” – Jack

We have done amazing things such as:
– On Sunday we went to Hotel Poppies then we went to Musee Somme.
– On Monday we went to the Louvre and had a boat ride on the Sainne of Paris and we also went to the Eiffel Tower and underneath it.
– On Tuesday we went to the battlefields of World War 1 and then we went to Senlis to draw the cathedral and search the insides of the cathedral.

Authors: Kasey and Alicia

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  1. Kansi

    Wow, you guys must be enjoying life in Senlis!
    Back in the UK:
    Monday- We did some research about the Queen Eleanor’s crosses and the Delepre House in Delepre park. Then we wrote about it and did a little water colours to go with it. We also planned what we will buy for our picnics.

    Tuesday-We were at the Saints all day to play some tag rugby. A few year 5s came with us to. Some of us managed to get a few saints autographs too. Even Mr Wainwright came down to franklins Gardens with us.

    Wednesday-We went to Tesco to buy things for our picnic. Then in the afternoon we went roller skating.

    And that is what we have been up to in the UK!

  2. K.w

    It was the best in france. We were all shouting yolo chicking swag at all the ends of the rides at disneyland, and for dinner, almost all of us had snails, they were disgusting! They tasted like garlic bread, which i hate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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