Y6 France Trip 2014 – Hannah

Posted by on September 23, 2014

We are having a great time here in France. We have been to a WW1 museum and Paris.


We had a long tiring journey on the Eurotunnel at controls. As we were ahead of time we went to the park. When we got to France, we unpacked at the Poppies Centre. We explored around floor 1 until it was time to go to the World War 1 museum and met Alain. He said on Tuesday he was going to take us around the trenches of Albert.


We went to Paris!
In Paris we saw the Eiffel Tower. When we were in Paris we went to the Louvre and we saw the Mona Lisa. Then we had lunch in front of the river Seine. After that we went on a boat ride over it. Next we drove around in the coach to go to have a proper view of the Eiffel Tower. It was easy to see all of it from lying down on the grass.

Today we went on a tour around the trenches with Alain again. We saw German, British and French trenches and memorials. After lunch we went to Senlis. Sadly we were not able to see our pen-pals although we went to sketch part of the Cathedral. One hour later we went to wait for the coach to take us home. When we got to the Poppies Centre we ran up to bed to get ready. We all met in the games room to write our blogs.

We are very excited for Disneyland on Wednesday.

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  1. Stewart Hilton

    So glad to hear that you’re having a fabulous time and learning lots. Have the best time ever at Disneyland tomorrow, can’t wait to see you and hear all about your adventures on Thursday, lots of love Dad, Mum & Sam xxx

  2. joanne Fennelly

    Reading your diary I feel as though I can imagine exactly what’s happening in France and how much fun you are having! Well done

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