Senlis Cathedral by Hollie

Posted by on September 23, 2014

Tuesday 23rd September 2014

Today we had so much fun sketching the cathedral in Senlis, France. We each took a piece of the church and sketched it using small recurring lines. After that we looked at the detail within the section. We had to look closely at the patterns to see what kind of shapes they have what lines they have, straight, curvy, diagonal and the features like what shapes they are. We also took a walk round Senlis we saw the oldest lane/road and the school where our pen pals go. Unfortunately we could not go inside the school yet it was fun.

This is the cathedral:


All of us got to go inside the cathedral an we looked around most of us saw that it had more than one floor but the 1st floor was a balcony looking down on the ground floor which had a lot of chairs so that the people could sit down during the ceremony. We saw the holy water in a pot on the wall. Also we saw that there was a woman playing the piano. We had to walk around the Senlis Cathedral in pairs and made sure that we where quiet because we didn’t want to disturb anyone who was paying their respects to God or to lost family members we could not see whether there was a grave yard at the back of the church.

These are a few images of some children doing there artwork. We had a brilliant time, all of us did great artwork. We each worked individually but occasionally asking are friends a question about our work. Each of us picked a different aspect of the French history.


Overall I had a great time.

Hollie Morton

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  1. joanne Fennelly

    What a beautufl cathedral, thank you for posting a photograph of it! It reminds me of the cathedral in Rouen that Monet painted. Your drawings look very detailed.

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