Lily C (France) Day 1

Posted by on September 23, 2014

On the Sunday of 2014 we were off to France!
5:00 in the morning we all woke from our slumber, got to school and we were off.
Lots of tears were shown (from the parents mainly) and off we went.
It took a lot of driving (7 hours worth) and we saw a lot of graves from the 1st world war but the coach driver, Chris, was a great entertainer.
But besides all the bad things, there were great things like watching ‘Monsters Inc’ and ‘How to train your dragon’

See You Later 🙂

2 Responses to Lily C (France) Day 1

  1. Mrs de Board

    A great, humorous post Lily. Did you enjoy your birthday?

    What is the Poppies Centre like? Hope you’ve had a great day in Senlis- did you recognise anywhere from the pictures we looked at in school?

    Enjoy Disneyland.

    Mrs de B x

  2. joanne Fennelly

    Happy Birthday Lily! I loved reading your post, I could imagine the long journey. I hope you enjoyed Paris and Disneyland more than the journey!

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