France Trip so far by Leanne and Areebah

Posted by on September 23, 2014

Yesterday we went to Paris and saw the Eiffel Tower. It was massive! Mr Prosser, Evie, Maisy, Liam, Alina, Courtney and Mr Rees did cartwheels under the Eiffel Tower! Mr Rees is so funny!
Today we went to Senlis and we did lots of sketching outside the cathedral.
At the Poppies Centre, we have got a pool table in the games room and we sleep in bunk beds!
We sang Happy Birthday to Lily on Sunday and we sang Happy Birthday to Hollie tonight. We are having lots of fun and tomorrow we’re going to Disneyland and we’re very excited!

I can’t wait to see Mr Prosser in his Minnie Mouse t-shirt tomorrow.

Leanne and Areebah, signing out for now…

3 Responses to France Trip so far by Leanne and Areebah

  1. Kim Javes

    Message for Leanne.
    Have an amazing day at Disney Land, don’t for get to bring back my Daisy duck postcard and another one for Del too. Have lots of fun! It’s raining here this morning I hope you have sunshine.

  2. joanne Fennelly

    Leaanne and Areebah, I wish I had been there in Paris to see Mr Rees doing a cartwheel under the Eiffel Tower! I hope you’ve had fun today in Disneyland….. did you see Mickey Mouse?

  3. inshaal azhar

    Areebah I hope you had a nice time.
    I really missed you.
    I love you

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