Day 3 by Harry S

Posted by on September 24, 2013

Today we went on a journey to places where World War 1 happened and we saw all the graves of the French soldiers and the British soldiers that died in July 1916.Itmade me feel happy to know that some soldiers were found.Also we put a wreath at the memorial and we saw the millions of names of soldiers that died and their bodies were never found. They also were put there because we do not know there names so they wrote the names on stone pillars, I felt sad as I looked around at all the names.

After we went to a group of trenches and we walked in one so we had an experience of walking in a trench. We realised the trenches are zigzagged so it is hard for the enemy to shoot bullets at soldiers and also that trenches were sometimes not very high. Then we went to Poppies where we are staying , so we could eat are lunch. We ate a sandwich, maltesers and drank water.Then we went to Senlis to see a cathedral and sketch it . Now we are on our way back to Poppies.

Written by Harry S

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