Day 2 – Waqar and Benito

Posted by on September 23, 2013

Silently waking up on a Monday morning everybody was screamed at by the the furious teachers who were keen for us not to miss a single minute of the day. After everybody was dressed we all went downstairs for a delicious breakfast. Even though we were extremely tired, we ate as much as a dangerous giant. Whenever we finished we grabbed another big juicy handful of glorious food.

We went on a vast coach and left to see the wonders of Paris. It was a long , boring journey but the titanic Eiffel Tower was worth the long trip. Later that day we went on a swift, peaceful boat ride down a wonderful river called the Seine. It smelt like a glamorous, velvet rose in the middle of a summer field. Everybody scavenged around with their eyes to see the glistening sights.

Now we’re enduring the painful drive home.
See you then!

Waqar and Benito

2 Responses to Day 2 – Waqar and Benito

  1. Team 17

    Hi Waqar and Benito

    Shame on those furious teachers for shouting at you this morning; our delightful teachers let us do whatever we want!

    Your day sounds great, but ours was better! We went rock climbing and played football at Benham this morning. Despite a few tears and nervous reactions, we all enjoyed ourselves and had a go.

    This afternoon we have planned our picnic menus- pizza, chocolate fingers and marshmallows feature heavily!

    See you soon
    Team 17

  2. Joanne Fennelly

    Furious teachers!!!! They were just very keen to get to one of the most exciting cities in the world!
    A velvet rose smell to your boat trip, sounds like a perfect end to a great day!
    Mrs Fennelly

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