Our early start – Lucy

Posted by on September 22, 2013

France trip

Packed my bags this morning shaking as I woke up starring at the darkness of the night .I was upset that I was leaving my house for a week but I had to over come it .My family started to leave as I went into school and got on the coach. Tears built up in my eyes and I started to wave to my family . Even though the trip was along time we got there in the end .My heart was thumping as we drove into the euro tunnel. The vibration of the train roared through the walls of the coach .


8 Responses to Our early start – Lucy

  1. Elenas mum

    Well done Lucy locket, you are going to have a fabulous time, enjoy it as it will be over in a flash, love Kate, stuie n theo xxxx

  2. Janice Edwards

    Hi Lucy hope you’re having a epic time and settled in well. Enjoy your day tomorrow. Mummy, Daddy and Matthew send our love. Xxxx

  3. Jane Sayers

    Have a fabulous time, Lucy! The trip will be fantastique xx

  4. Mrs de Board

    Wow! A very emotive account of your first day, Lucy. Can’t wait to read more.

    Mrs de Board

  5. Mrs Chisholm

    Well Done Lucy, looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

  6. Janine Freeman

    Wow what an emotional piece of writing. Hope you’re enjoying yourself.

  7. Joanne Fennelly

    You have described exactly how I felt when I went into the euro tunnel this summer.
    Fabulous description Lucy.
    from Mrs Fennelly

  8. Mr Rees

    Hi everyone!
    Thanks for the comments. Can’t wait until Disney tomorrow. Haven’t been feeling well for some of the week but am feeling better now!
    See you soon.

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