The last day in France Yasmin and Reece

Posted by on September 29, 2012

Our last day in France

Today we are going back to England and I am not happy at all!! We are going to go to the chocolate factory on our way back from France. The weather is lovely and hopefully it won’t rain.
It hasn’t been long since we left Albert and it is going to be a long journey to the chocolate factory and longer to England. Nothing is very exciting at the moment but it will soon get exciting for us.
We are all looking forward to stuffing our faces with chocolate but also being inspired at about how chocolate is made!! This week has been exciting for everyone because we have had the experience to see France and all its amazing attractions around all the fantastic cities! Our favourite part about France was going to Disney and experiencing the chance to go on the scariest ride ever… The tower of terror !!
Everyone is enjoying the coach trip and we are all laughing with each other. At the start of the week I thought it was going to be a scary experience but then I realised that it was a great trip during the week. Now we have to leave the whole thing behind unfortunately !!
I’m really excited about the chocolate factory because it will show us how chocolate is made which is going to be amazing.
At disneyland we went on space mountain and there were loops and twists and turns . After a while my heart was pounding in my mouth and half the time I had my eyes closed. It was amazing because you could see planets and purple sky then it just went dark and stopped and went for a big shocking loop !! On the tower of terror it showed some ghosts who went in the hotel and disappeared then we went up slowly then I thought it would be alright but then we went down so fast and the bags were flying but then it went right to the top and you could see the whole of Disneyland then it just sped down and I was screaming so loud I nearly lost my voice !!

Wrote by Yasmin and Reece

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  1. Mrs Fennelly

    It has sounded like an amazing week!!
    looking forward to seeing you on Monday
    mrs Fennelly

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