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Posted by on September 29, 2012

Meltems blog

Today we are going to the chocolate factory. We are having a great time here but today we are going back home now although we have hade a great time and every one Is happy.

The best thing I enjoyed was going to buy some gifts for my family and I loved going to Senlis it was very fun. Two days ago we went to a restaurant and we hade snails. Most of us loved it however some of us felt sick but it was fine. Yesterday we went to Disney land and it was very fun. We all had a great time and the rides we went on were awesome. Some of the rides were really scary. My favourite ride was tower of terror but that was really fast and spooky.

Disney land was the best place we went and every one really enjoyed it. I got some gifts from the market there and on the coach we had some fun times. We listened to music and played about it was amazing and funny. I’m happy I’m going back to the uk because I really miss my family and I miss my own bed.

Jessica really liked space mounting as a ride in Disney land. Daniels favourite ride was the big thunder mounting he really liked it in disney land and said he would love to go on it again he really enjoyed it. I liked the big thunder mounting too it was really fast and really fun.

We saw a few of Disney characters only Pluto the dog and mickey mouse who I took a picture of. Ellie’s favourite ride was big thunder mounting and she screamed in Mr Rees’ ear poor man lol I think Mr Reece’s would not like to go on the same ride as Ellie ever again
We have just been to the chocolate factory and we had a great time. We tried some chocolate and they showed us how they do it. They told us facts about it. I loved the smell inside the factory and they had a big shop there where you could buy chocolate. We thought the factory would be big but it was small.
I loved all of the rides I think we should say a really big thank you to all of the teachers we got it ready and who brought us here. They made us have a great time and they had a great time themselves too. They have done a great school trip.


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  1. Mrs Fennelly

    How kind of you Meltem to sat thank you to all the teachers. I am definitely going to try snails the next time I have the opportunity. You have convinced me!!
    See you on Monday
    Mrs Fennelly

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