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Posted by on September 29, 2012

Friday 28th September Zoe Morling
I woke up today at 7 and got up at 7:10. There was excitement down the corridor because we were going to the chocolate factory and home!!!!!!! After a very busy tiring week in France. We are finally going home WHOA! We were all packing everything that we took there. It was frustrating because some people forgot bits and bobs then they to open it again and close when it was packed full 🙂

We are now going to the chocolate factory and are aiming to get there for 11. At the chocolate factory were are going to have to look around and then try some YUM YUM! Then after we’re going home through euro tunnel and back to England were we belong. It will be a long long 8 hours home until we see our family again. Some people bought their relatives some presents like me and jess and loads of people. Yesterday everyone had the best day of there life because we went to Disney land Paris!!!!! The best ride was the space mountain because it went really quick and it was like we were actually in space. Also we went on the tower of terror… That was so good it was really scary though but I kept on coming out of my seat and Bethany who was sat next to me was scared at the end because she couldn’t get here seatbelt undone so she said ” ZOE MY SEALTBELTu IS STUCK PLEASE HELP ME” I was like oh no! Then at last it undone itself.

Then we went on rockin roller coaster. Which was really good because we went on a train with no roof and it went up a rocky hill like a canon. At the beginning it went up a steep track. They made sound effects which was so deafening! Then when we were at the top we all put our hands in the air and went down it like lighting, Tom lost his voice on the space mountain and the rockin roller coaster because he was screaming really loud but he doesn’t care because he still carried on talking like usual (a lot of talking and singing on the coach) and singing on the coach. We always do that it like a rolling party on the road we’re one big family sharing experiences and singing.

At one restaurant we had snails I thought it would be disgusting but it was really nice. The first one to try snails was Jess. Some people thought it was horrible but I loved it, the one thing I didn’t want to try as frog legs I think they would be the worst.

Were now at the petrol station waiting for Trevor to fill up the tank then were going to the chocolate factory… We’re all singing again it’s really good to see everyone singing and having lots of fun.

We just come out of the chocolate factory and it was really good. When we walked in you could smell chocolate straight away and the first thing you could see was chocolate machines swirling around so the chocolate would stay smooth and warm. Then after we went to the gift shop in the chocolate factory and some people brought some chocolate. After we had finished there we got back on the coach and went to the supermarket

When we got the supermarket we had lunch then went inside to buy sweets or presents. Then when we paid we went self service and paid independently with our money, most people brought sweets to eat on the way home.

It was a fabulous trip the best one ever! Nothing will beat that trip thank you to all the teacher that organised the trip.

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  1. Mrs Fennelly

    The chocolate factory sounds yummy!!! think I need a twix!!
    See you on Monday
    Mrs Fennelly

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