Last day by George and Daniel

Posted by on September 29, 2012

We got up early and stripped the bed covers then packed our bags. Once we had done that we went down to breakfast. I had some tea and some toast and George had some bread with some orange juice. Then we got onto the coach with our bags and off we went.

I think everybody is excited about going home. Me and Daniel are excited too. Lewis is going to buy loads of chocolate at the chocolate factory. When we got in we saw how chocolate is made and see all the different types of chocolate. We then had the opportunity to taste some chocolate. Daniel had nuts in his but I had one that was nut free. We went to the chocolate shop and bought some chocolate to take home. I got a chocolate cat with a white bow for my mum however Daniel a chocolate lolly for himself.

1hour ago Mr Rees said we could spend our last euros and buy some sweets at the supermarket.

Now we are on the coach and we have just arrived at the euro tunnel and we played some tag and we went to some more shops and then we got on the coach.

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  1. Hayley wilding

    Good work boys

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