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Posted by on September 29, 2012

Today we woke up at 7 and everyone was rushing around getting the last things packed in their suitcase. It now 10:00 and we are on our way to the chocolate factory.
Most people are really happy to get back home and see their family. People are still talking about how fun yesterday was at Disney land. The best rides were space mountain and tower of terror !
A lot of people have been crying because they have been home sick! Now people are really happy because they get to go home. We’ve had an fantastic time in France.The best bit was Disneyland. Some girls were braver than boys because some girls went on the scary rides and some boys didn’t! On Wednesday we had snails. Mitchell was so scared of the snails, the snails had a bit of a garlic taste to them however we thought the snails where nice.YUM YUM.

We have just visited the chocolate factory it was really good. Everyone nought some chocolate which was so luscious. We are now going to the supermarket to get some sweets.
Now we have music on and everybody’s singing along like one big party. On Monday we played football after we had dinner which was steak and chips. Everyone one loves the music however people are really desperate to go home. Its now 10:44 everyone’s still jumping and screaming as loud as a lion parade.

By Jess and Taran

2 Responses to Jess A and Taran’s last day blog

  1. Mrs Fennelly

    Chocolates and sweets- a great combination!
    I think the bus journeys have been as exciting as the places you have visited!- music and dancing and voices like lions! My kind of party!
    See you on Monday
    Mrs Fennelly

  2. Mrs Fennelly

    The bus journeys sound brilliant! Music and dancing with voices like lions- my kind of party!!
    See you on Monday

    Mrs Fennelly

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