Photos from Day 3 – Paris

Posted by on September 27, 2012

After a great day in Paris, here are a few photos from our adventures!

3 Responses to Photos from Day 3 – Paris

  1. Mrs de Board

    Superb pictures yet again gang! Lovely to see your smiley faces; looks like you had another wonderful day. Who eat snails?! Miss Coade said she did but I don’t believe her!

    Have a wonderful day at Eurodisney; i’ll probably be able to hear your screams from the Tower of Terror from here!

    Take care.
    Mrs de B. x

  2. Mrs fennelly and year 6

    Hello everyone
    We are having a great time here at SDS! we have been making clothes, designing jewellery and weapons. We are going shopping today for the food for our banquet tomorrow.
    It looks like you are having an ace time. We are missing you but the good thing is that it is nice and quiet here!!!!
    See you on Monday
    Year 6

  3. charlotte

    hi how are you
    Me, Nicola,Alice and laura are performing a play.
    its going to be hilarious with charlotte as king henry cause she is going to speak in a scottish!
    It is true got to go seya.XXXxxx!

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