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Posted by on September 27, 2012

Today we are going to Disneyland… We’re going to Paris again!

The Journey

It was a long day yesterday and everyone is still half asleep! But they better wake up soon and realise we are on our way to Disneyland!
Yesterday, was an amazing journey through the Louvre, up the Eiffel Tower and onto the boat trip, but today it’s going to be even bigger!

Disneyland was created by the famous Walt Disney. Disney created all these magical cartoons and characters.

Disneyland- where your dreams come true, where the magic happens, where the happiness begins. It’s the place that where people come together. The Magic Kingdom.

Everyone is having a great time and a laugh so it’s all good so far. Everyone is singing along to the music and having a brilliant time in the coach! However, we are going to have even more excitement I don’t know how much fun in Disneyland! The coach is full of chatter that is all I can hear!

We are finally at Disneyland! We got off the coach and made our way to the entrance. First we had to go on the travelators, so we got on them and stood still, when we got to the end Daisy-Mae slipped whilst getting off and fell flat on her face! I fell on top of her and everyone fell on us both, even Mrs Hughes was in the commotion! Daisy-Mae bruised her cheek and I bruised my knee and Mrs Hughes sprained her wrist! Mrs du Mont helped all to calm down and we searched the First Aid! They gave us a disgusting paracetimol that I drank straight away, but it took Daisy-Mae ages to drink, because we drank it Mrs Dumont gave us Starbursts for being so good (all part of the medical kit) Next we (very slowly!) caught up with the others. They were lining up for the Buzz Lightyear ride, we went and joined them in the line. It was out of this world! We got to shoot Zurg! After that we took a long walk to Big Thunder Mountain! It was massive! I enjoyed it so much that in my photo I had a beaming smile stretched across my face! Then we went to the shops and I spent all my Disney goodies, I only have 22 cents left!

We had an excellent day and came out almost in one piece! Thank you Walt Disney.

This blog is by Jessica Fosbury

8 Responses to Jessica Fosbury Day 4 Blog

  1. Nicole Fosbury

    Wow! It sounds like you’ve all had an amazing week!
    22 cents isn’t going to buy much chocolate tomorrow, Jess!!
    Glad you’re ok after your pile up!! Hope Mrs Hughes’ injury doesn’t stop her dancing on the coach! Did anyone video that? You could probably make a fortune!!! 😉
    Have a safe journey home,
    Mrs F xx

  2. Miss McDonnell

    Glad you had a good day, (except for your accident). Mrs D’s first aid kit sounds much better than mine. Enjoy the chocolate factory tomorrow. I hope lunch time tomorrow is a little more organised than last years effort, keep Mrs H away from the knives!
    Miss McD

  3. Mrs Fennelly

    It sounds like you made Disney even more exciting with your accident!!! Sounds like my kind of day out!!!
    Well done to Mrs Dumont for her emergency sweets!!
    It sounds to me like Mrs H has been the naughtiest person this trip! Has Miss Coade woken up yet?
    See you all soon
    Mrs Fennelly

  4. Michelle Chisholm

    No falling into the chocolate today girls, yes and you Mrs Hughes! See you all soon.

  5. Michelle Chisholm

    No falling into the chocolate today girls, yes and you Mrs Hughes! See you soon.

  6. dizzy


  7. dizzy

    Sounds like your having fun.
    See you Monday!

  8. leah

    hey jess i can’t belive it

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