Disneyland by Ben and Sean

Posted by on September 27, 2012

Ben and Sean

Hello followers! Today me and Ben are going to Euro Disney.
We are going on the tower of terror and also space mountain mission II!
We’re on the coach right now it’s going to be amazing! 2hours now we will be at Disney! I bet it will be awesome

We’re almost at Disney I can’t believe it neither can Ben. All the rides to go on its unbelievable . We are back from Disney I loved the tour because it had a earthquake and then the lorries set on fire. Also a tsunami that cleared all the fire and almost drowned us.

I went on space mountain mission 2 supernova. It went 100mph and did a loop the loop also one cork screw. Then at the start we went to a cannon type thing that shot us at 110mph then we finished.

I thought thunder mountain was pretty creepy because at first you’re confused then you go down in a huge dark spooked cave and you’re hair goes all floppy. On the ride you’re close to a rock and I was pretty scared of the ride.

After we went to the shop where Sean bought a wallet & a lolly pop whileI brought a Cool pez sweet that had a donald duck on it. For dinner we had Chicken & chips. Me and Ben loved it now were singing songs in the games room were singing the blues a song about apple pie & hay bob. we will be going to bed soon & going to sleep

By Ben & Sean 😀


2 Responses to Disneyland by Ben and Sean

  1. Caroline Foster

    Thanks Sean and Ben sounds like you had a wonderful time at Disney, some of the rides sound quite scary, I’m sure you will sleep well tonight, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow Love mum xx

  2. Mrs Fennelly

    Wow Ben and Sean, It sounds amazing!!
    How much more fun can you all have???? We are all very jealous at school.
    See you all on Monday
    Mrs Fennelly

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