Hope & Sophia – Disneyland Paris

Posted by on September 27, 2012


7:30 in the morning,
As soon as we got up the teachers came into are room’s to tell us that we needed to get ready for breakfast. After that we went to the toilet before we headed to wards the coach for the jouney .Music playing in the coach (now 82) .we are Still on the coach and we have about 40 minuets left.

At 11:00 the moment everyone was waiting for as we arrived at disneyland . Suddenly it started to rain and we all got so drenched . We had to run to shelter to get dry again. To get to the most amazing place in the world we had to go on to the escalator it took about three minutes to get across . Then we had to go on one more escalator and as a result we all got very bored!

Finally we where in disneyland and we split into our group. Then the teachers were tring to find a place for us to eat our lunch we had a baguette,water,crips and a chocolate! The first rollacoster we went on was the space mountain. At the beginning we were so scared we were standing in the cue for about 30 minutes.Then we got on it , the fastest ride we went on,It was awesome!!

After that ride we went on to the big thunder maintain it was “such fun “we never wanted to stop but we had to get off . Moving side to side like the wind and getting faster and faster.

The tower of terror was the next on the list and one of the biggest rides of all. Before we stared to move they showed us a clip a title bit about the ride. As soon as you get up to the top you can see the whole of disneyland it was amazing /scary.

At last we were on are way home to the poppy centre it took us about 2hours . Even though it was raining we had the best time ever!

By Hope and Sophia


2 Responses to Hope & Sophia – Disneyland Paris

  1. Mrs Hughes

    Well done team Smarties. Some fabulous blogs, recounting a wonderful day (injuries aside). Thank you all for a wonderful action packed week. A shame it has to end tomorrow, but really looking forward to seeing what the rest of Year 6 have been up to back in Blighty!

    Mrs H 😉

  2. Michelle Chisholm

    wow! Great recount girls, glad to hear you had the best day ever!

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