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Posted by on September 27, 2012

I was really tired when I woke up this morning. I almost got back to sleep when suddenly, I sprung up and I exclaimed (in a hushed voice) were going to Disneyland. So I quickly got dressed
and then I hurriedly went into the games room. I played pinball (which is a really competitive game) my score was 20000 after that I played on the computer, then we went down for our continental breakfast.

At this minute I am on the coach we are no where near Paris yet. Mr Rees has started dancing and so has Mrs Hughes. We are still on the boring old motorway.

Hooray-, Disneyland is in site, the coach has erupted in the sound of excited laughter. The first rollercoaster I went on space mountain then we went on Big Thunder Mountain then we went on the tower of terror. I was just playing on the photo booth.all we can see is field now we can see trees.yesterday I diden’t try the snails because I diden’t feel well but now I am really should be 30 minutes until we get to Disney land.I really can’t wait until we get to Disney land no one can.We all had great fun today my favourite ride was space mountain.We are on the coach back going back to poppies 🙁 .we just past castorama and sym at 5:16.

We have almost reached poppies.I had a brilliant day.We are watching racing stripes. We have finally Reached Albert.It was about 8:27 when we got to Albert.all of my group is now posting there blog.

By Billy McFarlane

4 Responses to Billy’s Blog

  1. matthew mcfarlane

    great blog billy. glad your having a great time , wish i was there with you.can,t wait to hear all about it was tower of terror? . i bet it was awesome. love you mate and see you soon. xx

  2. maxine mcfarlane

    Wow Billy!!! Coming from someone who normally writes about 2 lines, I’m really impressed. Well done Billy. Love ya xxxx

  3. Mrs Fennelly

    Dancing from Mr Rees and Mrs Hughes??!!
    We need to see that back at SDS next week. I’m thinking they could do a little show during assembly one day!!
    see you on Monday
    Mrs Fennelly

  4. Mrs Fennelly

    You have made Disney come to life! A great blog. A score of 20000, you must be on the leader board!
    See you on Monday
    Mrs Fennelly

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