Our Day at Paris by Jake and William

Posted by on September 26, 2012

We went on the Eiffel tower and lots of people were scared but all my friends weren’t. Some people didn’t want to go up the lift because they were scared. When we were at the top we had a great view and we could see the whole of Paris from there. Also we could see the river, Seine in France.From there we went in the louvre where we saw the Mona Lisa and lots of other fascinating detailed paintings .

When we were there we saw a massive painting called The Wedding Feast at Cana. After Paris we went to a restaurant where we had snails for a starter then had nuggets and chips then we had ice cream for dessert.

By Jake and William



6 Responses to Our Day at Paris by Jake and William

  1. Daniels mum

    urhh snails for starter! Followed by the classic french dish ‘nuggets and chips’….

  2. Michelle Chisholm

    Snails, nuggets, chips and ice cream, what a combination! Perhaps we could get this added to the school dinner menu.

  3. Bill hunter

    William, great post. Glad you went to the top of the tower. You know I have vertigo and would not make it! We all miss you. Dad

  4. Bill hunter

    William, did you really eat snails? Dad

  5. jennifer hunter

    Weldone Son.we love you and we are very proud of you.i am glad you are having a great time in France. takecare. Love from Mum and Dad, Henry and Katy.

  6. charlene

    well done jake and william really good post glad ur enjoying yourself jake love u lots xx

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