France day 3 by Tayla and Bethan

Posted by on September 26, 2012

Bethan and tayla

Wednesday 26th of September

7:54 and we are on our way to Paris.Today we are going to see the Mona Lisa in the Louvre (art museum) then we are going on a boat trip around Paris.
Aswell as all that we are going on the Eiffel tower which shall be really exciting as we are going on the 2rd floor.
We been on the bus for about 2hours now.1 do hope the driver hurries up, the Eiffel tower is only one of the tall monuments in the world. Now we are getting close to seeing the Eiffel tower in the distance. Everyone is singing songs on the coach also sadly people are starting to feel sick!
Now its 9:45 and we are getting closer and closer to Paris….in car park underneath the Louvre Getting ready to see the mona lisa,I’m so excited as well as seeing that we are going to see may other paintings!
It’s 2:00 pm we are queuing up for the Eiffel tower…were going up the lifts to the 2nd floor it’s really scary.the height of it is extraordinary. People were freaking out when we were going up and down the lift. After the lift we had a amazing view on the 2nd floor,then after a while we just went down the stairs came off the Eiffel tower it was shame to get off it. When we came off it we went on a boat trip around the river where we saw loads of monuments.After that we just got back on the coach ready for a 2 1/2 hour journey!
By Tayla and Bethan



6 Responses to France day 3 by Tayla and Bethan

  1. Andrea collingwood

    Glad you are having a great time Beebob. Have you tried any snails yet??

  2. Sarah Marshall

    Hope you’re having a fab time girls!

  3. Jodie carter

    Glad to hear you are having a great time Tay, missing you loads love mum and Ciaran x

  4. dizz

    aww id be too scared to go to the top of the tower
    hope you dont have to try snails
    miss ya
    from dizz

  5. alice

    hi wow what a long day! i can tell u had lots of fun! it must have been so exciting to go up the lift! we have just gonne shopping to buy food for our tudor feast. from alice!

  6. Mrs Fennelly and Year 6

    Hi Everyone
    We have been trying to send you lots of messages but there has been some issues with IT at school!!! So Mrs Fennelly is sending this from her phone. We are all having fun here and we are missing you. Your blogs have been brill to read and we are looking forward to letting you see what we’ve been up to here at SDS.
    It’s great to have so much space in the classrooms and all of the teachers have been doing lots of fun things with us.
    We will read your blog again tomorrow and try and send more messages
    Year 6 at SDS

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