Day 3 by James and Bailey

Posted by on September 26, 2012

Bailey and James
As we woke up we were very tired yet very excited. We went to breakfast early , and it was George C’s 11th birthday! We had a long journey to Paris from Albert. When we get to Paris we will see the arch d triumph, Eiffel tower and even the Mona Lisa! Tomorrow we are going to Disneyland Paris so were also looking forward to that.

The Mona Lisa was breath taking it was also very buisy. We also saw a painting that was 70 square metres long!!! The mona lisa was much smaller than I expected . We have just seen the bottom of the Eiffel Tower and we were amazed!

The Eiffel tower had a beautiful view. I could take pictures but James unfortunately forgot his camera. You could see skyscrapers, boats and even the river sen! We went up really high and you could look at the sea. It was amazing and I wish I could do it all over again. Also we saw the arc d triumph which was fabulous!

The boat has an audio guide that is very useful when you don’t know about the history of Paris and the boat. Notri dam (French castle ) took 200 years to build and disguised pipes as gargoyles. Also we learnt the scenery of Paris and the buildings history.

We had a great time today and learned lots!
I would like to say a special happy birthday to my dad Rupert Coles
By Bailey Coles and James Dunkley



5 Responses to Day 3 by James and Bailey

  1. Amy Coles

    Aww! Glad to hear you are having a great time! Missing you but will see you soon 🙂 Hope you have a great time and remember to buy me a good present! 😉 Love you xxx

  2. Tracey Coles

    Hi Bailey & James,

    Your blog is awesome – well done, boys!!
    We have been following everything you are doing, & it looks like you’re having a brilliant time!
    Bailey, Dad is reading the blogs over in Singapore, so will get your birthday message, & Granny Karen is following everything on Facebook while in Italy!

    I hope you all have an amazing time at EuroDisney tomorrow & can’t wait to hear all your stories on Friday!
    Lots & lots of love!!!!

    • Annie

      Hi James and Bailey
      That was an excellent account of your amazing adventures today. So glad you are having a good time.
      We love seeing what you have been doing and the photos are great!! Can I just say a massive thank you to Mr Rees and the gang for keeping us updated – I am addicted!!!!

      Hope you all get some sleep and have a fabulous day tomorrow.

      James – enjoy Rock n Roller Coaster tomorrow, at least you won’t hear me screaming in your ear this time!!!!!!

      Love Mum, Nan and Grandad xxx

  3. Rupert Coles

    Hi Bay! Glad you’re having a lovely time, it sounds like a great trip!

    Thanks for my birthday message, that was very kind of you, I’ll wait until I see you to celebrate.

    Have an amazing day in Disney today, enjoy the rides :))

    Lots of love and hugs and see you soon,

    Dad xxxx

  4. Karen

    Hi Bailey. Sounds like you are having a brilliant time. Enjoy Disney and see you next week
    Love Granny

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