Day 3 at Paris!

Posted by on September 26, 2012

Wednesday 26th September
Day 3 at Paris !

WOW! My body is filled with excitement, because we are going up the Eiffel Tower as well as the Louvre, which I’m so exhilarated about! Yawning as we woke up after a tiring night we then we rushed to get our room cleaned up because later were having a room inspection. Each group had to go downstairs one by one,consequently we had to be patient.We had a scrumpious breakfast with boiling hot chocolate. It was yummy!!!
At 7:50 we got onto the coach and started driving to Paris. We drove past fields and went through tolls.As we were driving on the motorway we saw a vibrant blue plane landing on the runway.
We are finally in Paris, and now at the Louvre. We have passed the Eiffel tower and French streets, passing balconies on the houses and shops; they had intricate patterns on them, and all of them were black and no other colour. There was loads of cafes and little shops. When we got to the Louvre it was gargantuan, we were astonished of the different sizes of the sculptures and paintings as we were coming up towards the Louvre. Once we got into the Louvre it was packed with different people from all around the world! We were amazed by the amount of people in the Louvre, because we have never seen that many people in our lives. Then we got to the paintings and the frames had really intricate patterns, and the paintings were massive. The paintings were painted with oil paints and acrylics but you wouldn’t have noticed they were done with paint , you would have thought it was a photo because of all the delicate lines. We got to section 6 where Mona Lisa was but everyone was crowding around the painting but we managed to get near it. It was surrounded by glass so nobody could steal it. The Louvre was really good , and it was the best thing I had ever seen in my life.
” Wow it’s the Eiffel Tower!”… The Eiffel Tower was massive, I’ve never seen anything thing as big as the Eiffel Tower. As we were huddling together we saw the top of the tower it was outstanding ,although it looked terrifying so we discussed it and we felt better. This was a once in a life time experience and we were about to go onto the lift to the second floor and see the whole view of Paris (we were so excited). It took for ages until we got on the lift we had to get separated with our friends luckily we had Yasmin in our group however it wasn’t lucky for Yasmin because she wasn’t well. Going up the lift with a lot of people crowding us so we fell over a lot although it was fun because everyone one was laughing. Finally we got to the second floor we stepped out of the lift we were thrilled because of the fantastic view.
After the Eiffel Tower we strolled down to the boats on the river bank, we had a boat cruise all along the river so we got to see all the different and famous landmarks. Our boat was called Bateux Parisiens, the river we cruised on was called the river Seine.
We then had to drive back to Albert so we could get our dinner, and our dinner was yummy! We had chicken with chips but first we had to have an scummy appetiser, and it was escargots (snails) mmmmmmm yummy …

By Bethany & Emily


9 Responses to Day 3 at Paris!

  1. Jo Smith

    Loved this very descriptive blog of the day in Paris, well done!

  2. Miss McDonnell

    What a wonderful blog, you have described your day in Paris so well, it’s almost like we were there with you. Glad you are all having a great time. Tomorrow will be another great day, make sure Mrs Dumont goes on all the scary rides, especially the Tower of Terrors! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures tomorrow.
    Miss McD.

  3. Mrs Fennelly

    Oh Wow!!! Paris, my favourite city!! You have made me feel full of the excitement I felt the last time I was there. I agree that the Eiffel tower is unbelievable when you stand underneath it. I also love The Louvre. Isn’t it amazing how the traditional building stands happily next to the modern pyramid?
    I recently found out that one of the architects who designed the Statue of Liberty in New York was Gustave Eiffel!!

    Have fun at Disney- It will be amazing!
    Mrs Fennelly

  4. Chris Smith

    Superb tale of Wednesday in Paris.

  5. Sam trott

    Awesome description of your day. Boo I know you wrote about gargantuan as you love that word!!!! Have a great day at Disney! Thrilled you’re having a great time. Lots of love, mummy xxx

  6. David Kempster

    Fantastic to hear about your trip to Paris. I lived there for a year in 1981 and your descriptions of the day took me back to those happy times. Have a great time and remember the smells,sounds and sights forever! Great writing by the way! Keep it up.

  7. maxine mcfarlane

    What a fantastic blog girls. Such detail. Sounds like you,ve all had a smashing day. x

  8. dizz

    you must be dead scared
    miss u

  9. leah nicholson

    hey what’s
    u a so luckly so got to france bet u was happy tell gemma to reply to me

    best of luck
    ps see ya on monday

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