Tom’s Day 2 Experience

Posted by on September 25, 2012

We have just got on the coach and we are ready to go to the Somme . We are going to pick up a tour guide just down the road from the missing some museum . We went there yesterday it was amazing We were In a trench to see what it was could feel and hear what they were doing.

Wow we have just got to a cemetery with a massive crater it is 30 meteres deep and the diameter is 90 meteres wide!

We are now going to Theipval. I have been there before and it’s outstanding how man loses there were in only one cemetery .

We are now standing in front of the memorial of the missing there are 300 British graves and 300 French graves. The youngest is 13 very sad and the oldest soldier is 54.

We are starting to get ready to go back to the Poppie centre and have lunch
then we will go ton Senlis the town named after are school name.

We have arrive at a actual trench it is amazing we are in one walking everywhere now we are going back to the poppies centre for lunch and then Senlis .

Having lunch at the moment getting ready to go to Senlis it is going to be epic.

Just got on the coach and going to Senlis now on road hot day exited for the after noon and It has very smooth roads diffrent to the uk were the roads are rough. we just have seen a German cemetery looked so grim.

Just got to Senlis it is very romain .in the cathedral at the moment very big,old and nice going to a crepearie wich sounds nice .we have had a nice time today and hopefully we get a nice sleep. We have a 1hour drive ahead of us so that isn’t going to be fun.





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  1. Sarah Marshall

    Hi Tom – what a great update! Thiepval must have been the place where you went with Grandad. Isn’t that the cemetry where you looked up a Soldier called “Marshall” and found his grave? If I remember rightly, you and Grandad said “thank you” to that Soldier and I remember being very moved when you told me this story. I know how much you enjoy learning about the World Wars, so I bet you have really enjoyed this part of the experience.

    Dad and Dennis say hello! There was a bit of a thunderstorm here today and Dennis was worried…he’s ok now though and waiting for me to finish cooking dinner so that he can eat the scraps off the plate!

    Sounds like you are having a fab time! Be good and enjoy Paris tomorrow.

    Love Mum x

    • headteacher


      Hope you and Dad and the Dog are good I’m having a great time see you on Friday.

      Tom xx

  2. Mrs Turnell

    Tom, your blog is so beautifully written that I really have a sense of what you saw and felt. Very moving.
    We’re all loving the blogs so keep having fun and telling us about it so we can pretend we’re there with you all.
    Happy days!
    Mrs T

  3. Buff Marshall

    Good to know you are enjoying your trip along with all your pals.
    Very impressed with your report of day 2 activities- well done .
    Enjoy the rest of your experience .
    Best wishes grandpa and Grandma .

  4. chrishutchins

    Hi Tom

    Granddad H – glad that you’ve seen a bit more. It’s good that your teachers take you to places like Thiepval. Did you see any more Marshalls

    You’ll all have to pop in for tea on your way to the chocolate factory! 🙂

    Have a fantastic time in Paris and enjoy Disney

    Love GD nan Charlie & Poppy

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