Mitch’s first day post!

Posted by on September 25, 2012

We have just got on the coach and it has been so much fun in France so far, I have not doubted anything this week so far it’s been LETHAL!!! Have not been that keen this week so far, but I think that we will be after this night.

We are now going To the Thepvial . I have not been there before but I might approve of it… We have just come back from the trenches on the war no man’s land.

We have seen the golden Maddona, been to see some old trenches and also we had a really nice lunch nicer than nice!!!!!

The football table was fun but I would think I would have to say the pinball machine is my favourite. We playing football for our choosing time yesterday I thought it was boring because there wasn’t much people playing football, there was a massive pitch. We have just got on the coach again to go to the crepery.

We have just got back from the crepery and I seen a roman village and a roman wall ! !
We were walking past the remains of dead people. We found out that people are still being found from the dead.



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  1. michala lewis

    hi Mitch i am so glad you are having fun keep me updated on what you are up to i am following twitter all day long x x x glad you enjoyed lunch yesterday nicer than nice huh x have you tried the frog legs yet lol mmmmmmm. wow cant believe they are still finding the dead there all these yrs later. missing you already son but enjoying the peace as well see ya friday love ya x x x

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