Lewis and Gavin’s Day 2 Experience

Posted by on September 25, 2012

Tuesday 25th September 2012

Mrs Hughes woke our group up at 6:45 and warned us that we had 15mins to get up and get ready for breakfast in the dining hall at 7:45.

We got ready, had breakfast and went into the games room to play some games. Our favourite game was the pinball machine, and the table football was fun.

After that we got on the coach to pick up Allen, the Dutch person who showed us around a museum about world war 1. He was a very nice man and he could speak very good English. It was really interesting and we learnt a lot about the war and how cruel it was to be involved in.

We stopped and listened to Allen and he showed us a crater which was massive! He told us that there was an enormous explosion that happened on the 1st July 1916, lots of people died.

We also went to one of many cemeteries in france. We got together, Tom and bethany placed a wreath on the floor to remember all the people who died in the war.The names of the people who died were on the walls of the cemeteries building.

Finally we visited some old trenches from World War 1. We walked through a trench that was just under 2m tall and not very wide. Also we saw the last surviving tree from World War 1.

After that we headed back to Poppies to have lunch. We had a cheese sandwich (baguette), water and maltesers.

After lunch we headed down to explore the features of Senlis. It took about an hour and a half to get there but we were having so much fun that we didn’t know. The roads were thick cobbles and at the sides there were dips so the water would run down the street and drain. We saw the Notre-Dame cathedral of Senlis. It was very impressive and it had really amazing stained glass windows that shone bright as the sun hit them. Next we went to dinner down the street at a restaurant that served us spaghetti bolognese. Finally went back to the hotel to have fun and lastly go to sleep!

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4 Responses to Lewis and Gavin’s Day 2 Experience

  1. Clive Nutton

    A really well written account on what sounds like a day of fun and learning and also, I guess, some very moving moments. Reminds me of my own trip to the World War 1 battlefields. Keep writing about your travels. In years’ time you’ll look back and remember great times.

  2. Michelle Chisholm

    30 minutes well spent Lewis, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your days events.

    Look forward to hearing about day three.

    Michelle Chisholm

  3. Mrs Fennelly

    Thanks to everyone for such wonderful explanations of your day.

    I feel quite emotional looking at the photographs.
    You are all so lucky to be having such a fabulous experience!!
    Looking forward to more tomorrow.

    Mrs Fennelly

  4. Lewis's Dad

    Very good boys, sounds like you are all having a lot of fun as well as learning about some very important and thought provoking times in history that you will remember for the rest of your lives. I bet you sleep well after all this excitement and fresh air, ready for another fun packed day tomorrow.
    Looking forward to hearing about Paris.

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