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Posted by on September 25, 2012

Hello fellow followers of the French trip. Last night was hectic, everyone was tired and bothered also everyone was messing about. Today in Poppies everyone was having toast with nuttela. Now we are at a memorial and a crater which is in Somme.

The crater is 30 metres deep and once you get in there there’s no getting out! Now we are heading to loads of memorials and we have just past mouquet farm, now we have passed a building with two rifles with bayonets we are heading to another memorial called Thiepval.

The Thiepval memorial is the memorial of the missing.There are 300 British graves and 300 French graves.In the tall building there are thousands of names inscribed and several names have been rubbed out due to the fact that they are now discovered. Almost 1,300 people have been found during the past few years.

Now we head to Newfoundland memorial park where there is a couple of British cemeteries. There are many trenches twisting and turning around this memorial.There are said to be about 25 people left in the ground there still!

We ate lunch back at Poppies. Poppies had provided us with a packed lunch.Inside our packed lunch we had a cheese Baguette and a packet of maltesers ,apple and a bottle of water.

On the coach on the way to Senlis we are having a sing song to some of our CDs that we brought. We have seen a German cemetery from world war 1 along the way just outside Albert.We have been passing lots of countryside. It is very pretty outside.

When we got to Senlis we walked to the cathedral to look around. We noticed that the streets were cobbled. Outside the cathedral everyone sat down to draw and take pictures of the main building. We split up, half of us went inside and half of us went around the town of Senlis. The cathedral was really pretty with the stained glass windows.The town wasn’t very modern and was just cobbled Streets all round. We enjoyed our walk and had a really had a good time.

We have some pictures.They are of us all in front of the memorial by the crater.Another one is a side view of the caribou at the Newfoundland memorial.The next picture is of Thiepval memorial building. The final is a front view of Senlis cathedral the Notre Dame!

We hope that you have enjoyed hearing about Day two on the French trip.
We are missing everyone back there.
Hope your having fun!
We are!

Today we had a great day taking in history and culture. Learning all about the war and old towns was fun. We are looking forward to tomorrow and we are sure that there will be people doing updates in future of this trip.




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  1. Maxine Brown

    Good to hear your news. Sounds like you have had a busy & informative day. Have fun at Paris & Disneyland.

    Love Gemma’s (& Abigail’s) Mum

  2. Nicki Curtis

    I have been reading about your adventures on Day 2 and your visit to Senlis. It sounds like you are having an interesting and fun time. I have seen some pictures of the trenches on Twitter, it is amazing you can still see them so well.
    I hope you are having better weather than we are and you enjoy the rest of the week ahead.
    Have fun and take care.
    Mrs C.

  3. Mrs de Board

    Wow! What a busy day! Your blogs and tweets are fantastic to read, it’s great to see what you are all up to. Enjoy Paris tomorrow.
    Wish I was there! Sleep well.
    Love Mrs de B. x

  4. Sue Binks

    Hi Cameron, We are busy reading all the blogs and looking at all the photos that have been sent through. Glad you are all enjoying yourselves and it looks like it’s been nice weather for you all today. Tia says the best is yet to come and don’t scream too loud on the Tower of Terror ride at Eurodisney! Dad says save some euros for the chocolate factory!
    Have a great week. See you Friday. Mum, Dad and Tia xxx

  5. Chris Brown

    Good to see you are having a good time and learning lots as well.

    Love Gemma’s (& Abigail’s) Dad

  6. destiny levy

    yo peeps,
    you sound like your having bear fun!
    were having fun to
    we get to go tesco to have a banquet we’re gonna have chicken wings and ginger beer
    we get some peace at last without you guys!(miss it though lol)
    from destiny
    p.s hi baily and sean you diddnt forget did ya

  7. nicola

    Hi I hope your having an amazing time in france!
    I have had a great time writing a play script with Alice, Charlotte and Laura. We have been making jewellery and dresses.
    Say hi to Jessie F and Abigail.
    From Nicola!!

  8. alice

    Hi Alice here. Amazing to hear about your time in France hope you are all ok. I am going to try to blog you at my house too! Me and Nicola wrote a play for me, Nicola, Laura and Charlotte. Charlotte is making us laugh at being King Henry. Missing you lots.
    Say hi to Jess F and Abigail and Daisy Mae .
    From Alice

  9. Ellie.m Charlotte .d

    Hi guys
    I bet you’re having a great time in France . We are having fun but I bet not as much as you !
    It has been great .
    I helped Charlotte make a dress for Laura , made some tudor jewelery out of clay and so much more you will not belive how busy it is here!
    On thursday we are going to tesgo and buying some food and then on friday we are having a feast of chicken , potato , fruit and apple pie
    I am hungry just thinking about it :):):):):):):):) Lots of rock and cool from Ellie :):):) pease we out !!!!!

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