Day 1 Report!

Posted by on September 24, 2012

What a day today has been!

After an early start tomorrow and a good trip down to Folkestone, we had a rainy introduction to France.

I’ll let the children  add their comments to this post to tell you about their day!

Mr Rees

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  1. Mrs de Board

    Bonjour mes enfants!

    Hope you’ve all had a wonderful first day and enjoyed the journey to France. Bet you’re all tired out, early to bed tonight!

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures this week.
    Mrs de B

  2. James dunkley

    Hi having a nice time in France. The weather hasnt been good but the meal was excellent we had steak and chips.
    From James

    • Annie

      Hi James, hope you all had a fantastic first day. Hope the weather picks up for you and you have a brilliant day tomorrow. Night, love Mum x

  3. Reece

    Feel a bit home sick but I don’t mind. Been to a museum in Albert it was along journey but it was good

    • Mrs Robinson

      Glad you all got there and have had a great first day. The weather’s no better here so you’re not missing out! Savour each moment and don’t wish for Friday as it will come all to soon.

  4. George

    Today was fun but dident have go weather hope the rest of year six are still havering fun :).

    Hi mum having a great time will miss you x 🙂

    • Hayley wilding

      Which George is this? 🙂

    • Michelle Chisholm

      George.C or George.W? Glad you are having a great time and yes the rest of year six are having fun too!
      Enjoy the rest of your week.

      • headteacher

        Sorry for George confusion… wil endeavour to put surnames on tomorrow’s posts!

    • Daniels mum

      Hi George, hope the weather has been better for you all today! The restaurant looked very nice.
      from Daniels’ mum

  5. Ellie shorten

    Had a great day today went to the Albert museam and learnt all aboute the weapons that thay used in world war 1and2

    • Jo Oliver

      Hope you are all having a fantastic time, we’ve been following your tweets all day x

    • Dean Shorten

      Glad you got there safe, enjoy yourself and I will keep following you from my travels. Dad x

  6. bethan

    just got our pjs on in games room now soon going to bed YAY!!

  7. Kathy

    Hi everyone were having great fun we are now in the games room playing . Today was good to bye see u later

  8. Yasmin brul

    Had a great day. We explored the museum and ate lots of sweets !!!!!! And ate in a posh restaurant and steak and chips !!! Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Bethany trott

    Amazing food and great arcade room, France is so cool!!!!

  10. Bethany trott

    We all went to the war museum today, it was amazing we went in the tunnels and the tunnel was 10 metres high. It was cool! We went info a trench and it had all the sound effects in it and all the dummies with their lamps. It felt amazing. Going through the trench made me feel like I was in the world war 1!

  11. Meltem Gur

    We are at France and I’m so happy and I really want to go Paris I can’t wait !!!

  12. Ben foster

    We are having a lovely time! We went it the restaurant today and had some food which was steak and chips – not a very healthy dinner! The journey was lethal with the drizzling rain and the musically loud I was getting a head ack from the music but the train bit was pretty epic beacuse it was going at 100mph and while we were walking to the restaurant I saw a hare near the grass.aand that’s are day out thank you for listening.

    • Caroline Foster

      Hi Ben , sounds like you had a really busy day, dad is very jealous that you had steak and chips, get lots of sleep so you have enough energy for tomorrow, hope the weather is better ,it has rained here all day Goodnight sweetheart Love Mum & Co xx

    • maxine mcfarlane

      Wow Ben. Seeing that hare must have been the highlight of the day, surely.

  13. Laura Murias

    Hi Year 6, glad to hear you’re all having such a fab time in France 🙂
    Hope you enjoy whatever exciting adventures you have planned for tomorrow and the rest of the week. – makre sure you eat lots, sleep lots, laugh lots, blog lots and take lots of photos!
    Miss M x

  14. Mrs Fennelly

    Bonjour Year 6

    I have loved reading your comments on the blog. It sounds like you’ve all had a great day. Enjoy your sleep, I bet you’re all exhausted!!!!

    Bon Nuit

    Mrs Fennelly

  15. Mrs fennelly

    Hi everyone
    I hope you’ve had another brilliant day and that you are all using lots of French when you’re speaking.
    It has stopped raining here but there are floods around the country.
    Have you tasted any snails or frogs legs yet??? Yummy!
    Sleep well
    Mrs Fennelly

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