Disneyland Highlights

Today we had a great day at Disneyland! Lots of fun was had by all. Below are the highlights and why from every child… Quoted directly from their mouths!

Sarinah: I loved thunder mountain because I conquered my fear.
Emily-Jane: I loved all of the rides; I particularly liked the effect that they have on everyone , all of the smiles and laughs.
Isabelle: Hollywood Tower of Terrors because it went up 13 floors and just dropped!
Tyrone: Thunder Mountain because it was a great pace and there were lots of drops.
Sarah: I liked the tower of terror because I liked the big drop and I liked the view of Disneyland.
Aleigha: I liked space mountain because in the middle we did a loop the loop!
Thomas M: tower of terror because we went to the top and dropped.
Alex C: I liked the Peter Pan ride because we were going around and it was a bit like a flip book!
Priya: I loved the scary roller-coasters because I was laughing at everyone. Arron and I were sat there laughing at them as if nothing was happening!
Naomi: the train one… (Thunder mountain) because Mr Prosser didn’t tell me that it was fast so it was a surprise!
Leah: space mountain because I’ve never been on a ride that fast!
Millie: pirates of the Caribbean because it was wet and nice. It was like being on a real boat! The drops were cool. I liked the waterfalls outside of the castles… I wanted to jump in!
Kamila: Tower of Terror because I liked seeing my reflection.
Kayla: Tower of Terror because it was unexpected. The way we went up… And just went down.
Ellie: I enjoyed going on the faster rides because it was fun. I’m not used to fast rides so it was great!
Royem: I used to be scared of roller-coasters. As I have been on them today, I have conquered my fears!
Sophie: i liked the RC car ride as it went higher and higher each time.
Amber: tower of terrors because it went really high and it felt like you weren’t high then all of a sudden you zoomed down!
Teigan: it was fun! Yes it was.
Myles: Thunder Mountain because it was fun and extremely fast!
Esther: Tower of Terror because it was scary!
Amelie: Tower of Terror and Space Mountain because they were fast!
Daisy: Tower of Terror because it was really funny hearing and seeing everyone’s reactions when we dropped. Also, Jake scared us at the end of the ride!
Phebe: Tower of Terror because when you got to the top you could see the whole of Disneyland!
Gabriel: Space Mountain because I liked banging my head. I also liked the loop the loop.
Jack: Tower of Terror because i loved hearing Kieran scream! And, Space Mountain Miss Coade screamed in the middle of it and her face went bright red after!
Jake: Space Mountain because of the corkscrews. They were epic!
Isaiah: Tower of the Terror because it was weird going on it for the first time!
Joy: Finding out Mr Prosser’s catch phrase: “I’d rather you didn’t!” And when were Space Mountain even though it hurt my ears.
Katie: Tower of Terror because when you went down it made you all funny and it made you literally go off the seat.
James: my highlight was the Buzz Lightyear ride because it was extremely fun and I got a replica of the gun.
Harvey: I liked Thunder Mountain because it was really fast and I didn’t stop cheering!
Muhammed: I liked going to the scariest rides. Tower of Terrors was the scariest because it went up and down and dropped. And we couldn’t see where we were going and I scared people.
Kieran: Tower of Terrors because it was very atmospheric and the drop was breathtaking!
Glory: Tower of Terrors because when you went up you go down like so fast that you’re about to go to the ceiling.
Jaylin: Tower of Terrors because it gave me loads of butterflies and I also liked RC Racer because when it went all the way back and forward it was awesome!
Arron: I loved all of it.
Ryan: RC racer because it felt like we were off of the track!
Oliver: Star Wars Star Tour flight through space because I gave everyone loads of facts and I just love Star Wars!!
Mya: RC racer because it went really high and fast. From the top we could see basically the hotel and everything in the park!
Maisie: the Peter Pan because it was nice, calm and slow. It was also quite realistic!
Lauren: Going on Space Mountain because it helped me overcome my fears!
Thomas H: I liked the gift shops the most because there was too much choice! I bought Thor’s hammer and it’s the coolest thing in Disneyland…

As you can see, Tower of Terrors was obviously a hit!

Now on the way back to Albert for some spaghetti bolognese and snails!

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Aleigha and Daisy’s thoughts of France so far

Hello, we have been experiencing a wonderful trip over here in France. Despite the unexpected bad weather, we have had a brilliant adventure. Many different places have come upon us but personally we think the following were the best so far.
On the first day, we arrived in France at around 2:00pm and then we went on a tour of a WW1 museum. After that we went to the Corner’s pub and had dinner there. We had beef and chips there; it was a delicious meal.
The second day, we travelled to Paris and took a look at the EIFFEL TOWER!!! Whilst we were underneath the Eiffel tower, we were singing songs and it was funny because everyone was videoing us!
The next day, (today) we investigated more about WW1. We went to all of the different memorials and learnt a lot of interesting facts such as in one of them they had 4 peoples names on 1 cross. That night we went to dinner at the corner pub again.
Tomorrow we shall venture further as the adventure continues when we set sail to Disney Land. Who knows what will happen next?

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Ryan and Alex

Ryan and Alex’s France trip

Sunday: After a very long journey we eventually got to the Poppy Centre in Albert at about 1 or 2 o’clock, and when we got in to the centre we went into the dinning room to eat some lunch. Mr Rees was building up the intensity on everyone as he wasn’t telling us who was in our rooms. All of a sudden they blasted out
“Ok here are your room numbers and also your roommates.”
Fortunately we were both in the same room also with Tyrone, Arron and Teigan. After we had lunch we could go into our rooms and have a look around as soon as we walked into our room we argued who’s bed is who’s, then we were told to go into the dinning room to get our bed sheets. We had about 5 minutes to get our beds made and unpack our clothes. Then we had to go to the games room and line up because we were going to a museum about WW1 they had trenches for us to walk around in and lean loads of facts about thanks to our guide called Alain. When we’d finished in the museum we went back to the centre, they then said that we have about 20 minutes to finish our rooms of. When we’d finished our rooms they called us into the games room to sum up the day After that we went to bed.

Monday: On Monday Tyrone woke Alex and Teigan up because he had flushed the toilet and started coughing at about 6o’clock in the morning Tyrone then had a shower after he did Teigan had a shower after him Alex had a shower when we’d had a shower we were just drying and chatting while we were waiting for Arron and Ryan to wake up so that they could have there shower. When Ryan and Arron had finally woke up they had a debate about who would use the shower first Ryan somehow won the debate and went in first.
When we were all ready we set off to go to Paris to see the Eifel tower some men were selling really small Eifel towers for 1EURO for 5 towers. All together we had brought around 179 towers. Yesterday was also fun because we went to the Mona Lisa . It was placed on a massive wall when it was actually very small. Then we went to Flunch and we had ice cream. When we got back we went to bed.

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Phebe and Priya’s thoughts of Paris so far

On Sunday we went to a museum to learn about WW1 as it will be our next new topic, we had an instructor who told us facts and information. In the museum there were lots of old things from WW1 it was very fascinating. The next day we was at Paris were we saw the incredible Eiffel tower, were there was romance under the tower also we had some songs and dancing it was fun to see everybody enjoying themselves. As well as seeing the Eiffel Tower, we also went on a Louvre were we were in the sea waving and saying Bonjour. Today we went to the cathedral in Senlis where we were seeing all the houses and how they are different to Northamptonshire. Now were on our way back to Poppies Centre and we are all looking forward to the next couple of days especially Disney.

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Oliver and Teigan

Our favourite parts of the trip so far are the sing song on the Euro Tunnel and the sing and dance under the Eiffel Tower. Having a games room at the end of the hall way with Mr Rees and Mr Prosser always ready for a table football match. Having 3 of the people I wanted in my room in it. Having a toilet and shower in my room. Going to the some battle fields. Where I learnt that the missing are from the 1st world war are all named on the 16 pillars at the some. The massive explosion created crater. And that sums up our favourite things so far. Please reply back with what you have done.

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Isabelle and Emily Jane

Fabulous France
Starting our journey with laughter and fun, we travel cautiously drove 28 miles to The Poppies Centre in Albert. After gathering in the dining room we found the wonders that were to be our rooms and the people that we were to share it with. Once our suitcases were away we gathered back in our coach, driven by the friendly driver Chris, to travel back along the streets of Albert for a tour of the World War museum.
Once we arrived at the museum we met our guide Alan who was to inform us around the museum and answer any questions we may have. We got into partners and travelled down 65 steps to a tunnel which was exactly 10m deep. Throughout the tour we learnt about different types of guns, shells and the people who fought in World War 1. We then headed back to the Poppies and settled down with a book before drifting off to sleep and dreaming of Paris the next day.
We woke early ready for a day at The Louv’e, The Eiffel Tower and a cruise on the River Sane. After a yummy breakfast we clambered on to the coach and began to drive towards Paris. Once we were there we marvelled over every piece of artwork before witnessing the crown jewel herself, The Mona Lisa. Photographers were crowding this marvel pushing and shoving just to get a glimpse of the beauty. After this we sat on the coach and ate our lunch and then drove to the River for our cruise. Whilst on the boat we saw many famous France landmarks including The Cathedral of Notre’ Dame, The Eiffel Tower and many old and new buildings. We then spent ‘10’ minutes in the gift shop before walking over to the Eiffel Tower. There we took many photos and sang along with Mr Rees’s guitar which attracted a large amount of people indeed. Afterward we came across a street seller who was selling 5 mini Eiffel Towers for 1 Euro. We bought a total of 179 of them! We then drove to Flunch an American Diner style restaurant where we were served chicken nuggets and chips (so French!) and had a delicious ice-cream for dessert. Then we headed home ready for bed.
This morning we woke up ready for a day in the sunshine (it didn’t happen though!) and got on the coach to pick up Alan and go for a tour of the battle-fields, graveyards and craters. We spent the day walking around different land marks including: The German Graveyard, The Lochnagar Crater (35m deep and 95m wide!) , The deepest, highest trench we had ever seen and finally we travelled to the Arch that celebrated the forgotten and the lost with graveyards dedicated to hundreds of men. We are now on our way to Corners Pub for dinner then are heading home for a game of pool in the games room.
Tomorrow morning we will all be up early ready for Disneyland Paris (Disney!) and we will update you guys later.
Hope you had a good day at Salcey Forest guys!
Emily-Jane and Issabelle

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In France today we saw the German, English and French memorial and we had a one minute silence. We went to a Cathedral called Notre Dorn and sketched some sculptures and paintings. I hope you’re having a good time. Tomorrow we are going to Disneyland. What is your favourite Disney land characters? ?
From Esther Walsh ??

In France, we are having such a good time the weather has been great until today it has poured all day. Today we went to the France, German and English memorial then we went to Senlis and went in cathedral and sketched some items. Yesterday we went to Paris and sang under the Eiffel tower and everyone came and watched. Tomorrow we are going to Disney Land, but other than that I hope you’re all having a good time see you soon.
From Leah Lupson

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Arron and Thomas

Thomas and I (Arron) were excited for the very fun France trip this week. When we got to the poppies centre in Albert, we got in our room groups and ate our lunch. We had to make our beds which was quite hard. Later on that day we went to a French restaurant called corners pub we had stake and chips and for desert chocolate mousse.
On Monday we had a room inspection my room got 7 and a half and Thomas’s room got 7. Then we got changed and went into the cafatirear and had breakfast the drinks where water, choco milk, orange juice, hot chocolate, milk, coffee and a adult drink tea. We went to Paris and went to the Louvre museum and saw lots of pictures (Mona Lisa). Later on we sang directly under the Ifel tower and got lots of people filming us. At the end of the day we had a total of 179 mini Eiffel towers!

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Joy and Katie

Joy and Katie France

So far we have had many great experiences in France such as …

Sunday / day one : The journey to France was extremely painful, we were waiting, waiting ,waiting and waiting… 8 hours later we were finally there. Everyone was relieved when we reached our destination, moreover getting out of the heat. Anticipation was in the air when we found room mates (as Joy says room homies). After we looked around, we went to the French museum. We had a tour guide called Allain, we learnt all about the weaponry and the hideouts of soldiers in World War One. When we had finished the tour we went for dinner at the corners pub, we had beef/ steak and chips. For pudding we had a choice of chocolate or vanilla moose, this tasted like custard.

Monday/ day two: In the morning we had bread, bread and more bread, later on we travelled on a bout around in a circle and watched the waves go crashing next to the boat. We came off of the boat and went into a lovely gift shop that had great presents. We then went to the Eifel Tower, we stood directly underneath in the centre and sang songs, including; Swing low, shake it of and price tag. We crowded in a circle and had a hole in the middle for dancing, it was very interesting when people started to join our huddle and record. We walked and saw people selling five mini Eifel Towers for only one euro. We then went to Flunch and had chicken nuggets and ice cream

We hope that your having an amazing time there, see you soon Joy and Katie.



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James and Tyrone’s thoughts of France so far

James and Tyrone’s blog post of France

While we have been in France we have been on a boat ride and we have stood under the Eiffel tower. On Tuesday we went to Senlis and we talked about the houses and roads we also went to the cathedral. We are staying in Albert in the poppies centre . We went on many short trips to a German graveyard a crater from world war one and we went to a British and French memorial centre as well as we went to a real world war one trench. When we went on the Euro tunnel Tyrone and I busted some amazing dance moves. We are going to DISNEY!!!!!!. One of the really funny moments was when we were walking back from a restaurant and Mr Rees asked Kamila what was your favourite part of just then and she said DISNEY. On Monday we went to louvre witch is the worlds most famous art gallery and we saw the real Monna Lisa. Then we had dinner at flunch it was so GREAT! We also had ice-cream . We went to a world war one museum and saw loads of guns and grenades also we learnt a lot.

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